Queer artist 3DDI3 WAYN3 sends us a postcard from YBOR

3DDI3 WAYN3’s debut project From YBOR with LOVE is a postcard from lockdown.

Stevin Bolden-Curry, aka, 3DDI3 WAYN3 is originally from Texas, and is now living in Jersey City. He grew up listening to mostly R&B with tons of hip-hop influence around him.

In 2010, he moved to NYC, where he was able to cultivate his musical influence. Now, he is ready for the world to take notice with his debut project From YBOR with LOVE.

The cover art was created by Rowan Foley, and features production from DJ Lorant, who I’ve previously reviewed

The first track “YBOR High” starts off with a slow and chill instrumental accompanied by 3DDI3’s soft vocal delivery. His vocals on this song make it feel like we’re floating, making the vibe of the song consistent and solid all the way through. The lyrics here evoke a particular type of emotion, making us feel high off 3DDI3’s love. My favorite part of this track is the catchy hook and the beat breakdown a little over halfway through. 

Second is the title track, “From YBOR with Love”, and it’s is one of my favorites on the EP. I seriously can’t get this song out of my head, as I find myself singing the chorus hours after listening. The instrumental perfectly compliments 3DDI3’s soft and emotional vocal delivery, making it feel magical from start to finish. This song is a must add to all your chill playlists, and I guarantee you’ll be wanting it right now, always. 

The third track of the EP is titled “Break Da Bank,” and it’s another instant classic that’s sure to get stuck in your head. This is another song I find myself singing hours after listening. The chorus is addicting to sing along with, with wonderful vocal melodies and easy to sing lyrics. This track will surely make you want to move your body with it, bringing that chill R&B vibe we all crave. 

The fourth track and lead single from the album is “Instant Connection,” a perfect smoker’s anthem. This song makes me want to smoke and dance with all of my friends, and how could it not?! That’s exactly what it was made for. 3DDI3’s vocal delivery smooth and relatable to all the stoners he’s speaking to.

And the music video, directed by Catalin Media, is so damn iconic! Check it out below!

The fifth track, “Island Cool,” is another major favorite of mine from the album. The steady R&B instrumental has slight pop vibes, but 3DDI3’s velvet vocal delivery throughout the song is what truly reels us in. The verses and the chorus are catchy, making this song so much fun to sing along with. I honestly adore the cow bell in the chorus, cause it makes me want to move my body while singing along! 

“POMPEII” is the sixth song on the album, with dope production by DJ Lorant. If nothing else on this album makes you move your body, this house-inspired track absolutely will. The buildups and the lyrics are honestly addictive, making this a must-add to any DJ set for the club. It’s also the perfect hype song on the way to any bar or event. 

The seventh and final track on the album, “11PM In Ybor” is an emotional landscape that dives right into 3DDI3’s heart, and you can feel it. The vocal textures in his voice on this song are immaculate, perfectly paired with beautiful vocal melodies. From the verses to the chorus, the lyrics lead us on a heartfelt journey with pain and love infused into each line. A perfect end to the album, if you ask me. 

I recently had a chat with 3DDI3, just to get the inside scoop on his thoughts, process and inspirations when recording From YBOR With LOVE, and what else we can expect from this talented artist.

Bryce Quartz: First off, can I just ask you, was the “Instant Connection” music video as fun to film as it was to watch?! 

3DDIE WAYN3: The “Instant Connection” video was extremely fun to make. Some of the stuff we did on the fly, but food and weed always makes for a good combo.

BQ: I really enjoyed attending the listening party for the album in New York City. Tell us a little bit about that night and what it meant to you. 

3W: The night of my listening party meant a lot to me because it was the start of my teal journey in this industry for me and it was also a glance into who 3DDI3 WAYN3 is as an artist and I promise it was just a taste. The night itself was full of people that have been around on musical journey over the years and also putting the night together was easy because I had my squad with me.

BQ: About the album: What was your inspiration for creating this body of work?

3W: My inspiration from creating this body of work was just the need to release what I wanted everyone see this entire time. During the pandemic, I had a lot of time to explore my feelings and my artistry with this project. So, this my post card to everyone to let everyone know what I did with my time.

BQ: What was your favorite part about creating this album, and what’s your personal favorite song? 

3W: My favorite part about creating this album was understanding the process of making a project and the people I got close to during this time and my favorite song on the record is YBOR HIGH because it was the first beat that I got for this record a long time ago and it meant the world to me when I finished that song

BQ: Did you try anything new on this record than your previous songs in your discography? 

3W: “POMPEII” was and is still thee song that I didn’t see myself making. But, I love it.

BQ: Where did you record this album, and what are the vibes like in the studio with you?

3W: I made this album in Tampa, Florida in the YBOR City district with my boy Maxx Forman. The vibes the entire time was positive AF, with a blunt and vibes in hand. It literally was the best experience ever.

BQ: Should we expect more visual content from any songs the album? 

3W: I have a shit load of visuals coming to give you the full experience for the songs.

BQ: If you could give advice or say something to your younger self, what would you say? 

3W: The one thing I would tell my younger self is to trust yourself more and don’t let anyone or thing hold you back from doing what you want and love to do 

BQ: What other artists / songs are you listening to currently?
3W: I am listening to so much shit right now, but Aaliyah has my attention for right now… and the next shit I’m writing.

All in all, I’d say this album is a no-skipper for sure. Every track was meticulously created with passion, love, and raw emotion, with each song speaking for itself. It’s evident that 3DDI3 WAYN3 is here to stay. 3DDI3 WAYN3 has truly proved he’s a force to be reckoned with, and we can’t wait to see what he does next! 

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