Royal Advisor Records’ ‘Astral Bodies’ is the dance album we need right now

With clubs and bars opening up around the world, Our Music: Astral Bodies has us craving to get back on the dance floor! 

Astral Bodies is the third instalment of the Our Music series from Royal Advisor Records. A thirteen-track collection formed of works by both RAR artists and the label’s friends, Our Music: Astral Bodies brings together sounds from New York, London, Edmonton, and Athens.

As we slowly leave these dark times behind, we look forward to dancing together again as nothing comes close to the beauty of human interaction, and human interaction is dance music’s primal function.

Royal Advisor Records

The album feels like we are being carried through space from start to finish, with a perfect mix of colorful and vibrant sounds, samples, and instruments. The buildups in each song are unique and powerful, bringing a classic trance feel to it. Each song leaves us wanting more, with the next song delivering absolutely that each time. 

It’s a real labor of love that includes original productions and remixes from Tareq, Severino of Horse Meat Disco, Silverhook of Beefmince London, New Yorkers such as DJ Bobby Duron, drag artist Levonia, and myself, plus many more talented artists who came together to make this project happen.

DJ Lorant of Royal Advisor Records

This album is an obvious choice for dance floors all across the world, for your daily commute, or for that spring cleaning you missed! 

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Bryce Quartz

Bryce Quartz is a queer, cubby rapper currently based in Brooklyn. In addition to contributing to Bear World, he is also a writer for Ryan Cassata’s music blog Rock The Pigeon. He has performed at bear events across the US and has worked with popular drag queens, including RPDR alum Brita Filter.