Roulette Delgato is the new Bear fashion icon!

For Bear World Magazine’s Fashion Week cover we wanted to feature a bear that exudes confidence and has impeccable style. One name instantly sprang to mind: Roulette Delgato.

Bryce Quartz introduced us to the rapper, singer, songwriter, motivational speaker and plus-sized model back in January and he made a huge impact on the team. Inspired by his drive, music and confidence I personally wanted to know more about his modelling and his relationship to fashion. Since a lot of us are plus-sized out there, it seemed obvious that he was the man to turn to for style tips.

I recently sat down with Roulette to discuss all things fashion and here is what he had to say!

BWM: Hi Roulette! Thanks for taking the time to chat with me. Before we dive in I heard you walked the runway for the Kween Kloset & King Killection show at New York Fashion Week back in February. You have to tell me all about it. How was the experience? And more importantly…did you get to keep the clothes?!

Roulette Delgato (RD): Walking the runway for fashion week in New York was a dream come true! It was my first time in the “Big Apple” so it was overwhelming, in a good way! There is so much more to fashion shows than I thought! The hustle and bustle alone backstage is its own monster. People running around, clothes flying all over the place, makeup and hair being done. When I hit the runway, I felt so confident with the lights flashing and people clapping, it made me feel like I looked great in the garments and my walk was on point. My favorite part was being able to keep the clothes!

BWM: Yess!!! That’s what I’m talking about. I love that you got to keep the clothes hahaha! This isn’t the first time you’ve walked for these brands either. Tell me a little about them.

RD: The first brand that I ever modeled on a runway was Kween Kloset by Candice Christian. The clothes were comfortable, stylish, and the pieces I wore were unisex. The outfit I wore in that first show could have been worn on a red carpet or to a fancy industry event.

King Killection by Dre Ben Frank is another amazing brand that I love! At one show I wore a baggy dropped crotch ninja pant with intricate stitch design and a black short sleeve button up. A complete street wear look with the comfort of pajamas.

BWM: Style and comfort, that’s the ticket for me personally. Who are your biggest style influences? Do you look to other big boys? Do you modify the looks of influencers to fit our size range?

RD: I’ve always had my own style even when I was younger. People just didn’t get it. I was always dying my hair different colors and putting holes in my jeans. They thought I was weird, but I like to think that I was just ahead of my time haha! I like the way the rap group “The Migos” are styled but a lot of the brands they wear don’t cater to guys like us so yes, I modify a lot! I love taking plain clothes and cutting them up, bedazzling them, or adding chains and different fabrics to them. I love a good street wear vibe with a rock-n-roll edge.

BWM: What is your biggest frustration about clothes shopping as a plus-sized man?

RD: My biggest frustration about clothes shopping as a plus size man is the lack of flare. I can never find loud pieces or things that are over the top. I like spikes, studs, mesh, and torn jeans. A lot of the plus size brands seem to be getting us ready for job interviews or rounds of golf (no shade) haha! Our BBW sisters have a style icon like Lizzo (who I looooooove by the way!) and I feel like that’s what the big boys are missing. So I wanna step into position and be a plus size fashion Icon.

BWM: I love that! Us big boys are definitely in need of our own fashion icon! What are your favorite brands to shop from?

RD: My fave online shop is BooHoo Man hands down! From shoes to coats and everything in between, they have some of the most stylish and edgy clothing for big men. I hope to be able to model for them some day. Also, Ivy Park has not failed me. I have found some amazing pieces that are plus size and so me! Another really good jeans brand is True Nation. I love the way their pants fit and they have a good variety. Now if I can just get Balenciaga, Fendi, and Gucci to make clothes in our size hahahaha!

BWM: Oh man that would really be something!!! Maybe one day…. So listen, your music, your videos and fashion photos show us how confident you are. Many big men struggle with that. What’s your secret? 

RD: The secret is self-love. I hated myself so much when I was young. I got picked on for being overweight and not having much growing up. I was also a runaway and experienced abuse of all kinds, foster care, and suicidal thoughts. It wasn’t until I came out of the closet in 2014 that my life changed forever. Once I began to walk in my truth and be my authentic self, my confidence levels rose to new heights. It never became cockiness, just a confidence that no one could break. I started dressing louder and really edgy. My music even changed for the better. I fell in love with who I had become.

BWM: That’s amazing. Thank you for sharing that. Self-love is the key!! Tell me, does identifying as a bear tie into your fashion sense at all? If so, how?

RD: Identifying as a bear definitely ties into my fashion sense. In a lot of cases for me, it’s the less the better. When I perform I show a lot of skin. Sometimes I’ll wear a jacket with no shirt, or I’ll wear a shirt that’s cut up. I’m not ashamed of my body and have no problem showing it off. That is a huge part of my brand.

BWM: Woof!! No one here is ever gonna complain about too much skin hahaha! Does that mean your personal style differs from your onstage persona? How?

RD: My personal style and my stage persona are one in the same. Flashy, vibrant, colorful, edgy, and over the top! My fans and supporters love me for being me and a huge part of that is my style. I wear a gold crown when I perform ‘cause I feel like a king. No, I am a king! And so are all of you!

BWM: No wardrobe is complete without accessories. What are some of the must-haves in your collection?

RD: A definite must have accessory in my wardrobe is a rainbow Coach clutch bag with a gold chain shoulder strap and a Coach wallet attached. Me having my own style, I don’t wear it like a shoulder bag. I wear it around my neck like a chain. It’s become a huge part of my style so I’m always looking for similar bags I can wear around my neck that match my outfits. Earrings are huge for me too. I love wearing a big earring on my left side and a smaller one on my right.  That is so dope to me! 

BWM: And you definitely wear it well! What’s next for you Roulette? Where can our readers find you?

RD: I just dropped my brand-new video and single “Flights” which is available on YouTube and all streaming services. I am currently working on a new video for my upcoming single “Famous” featuring my bro Rye G. I will be performing live at Portland Pride, Seattle Pride, and Seattle Pride Fest. I think one of my biggest performances this year will be in Fort Lauderdale, FL at the Cannon Ball Bash! Can’t wait to see all of my Cubs, Chubs, Chasers, Bears, and Daddies out there! It’s gonna be a blast!

BWM: Woah you are one busy boy! Fantastic! Best of luck with everything. I know you’re gonna kill it at those live appearances. Thanks again for talking with me and thank you for representing us big boys so fiercely!

Find out more about Roulette Delgato by following him on FacebookInstagramTwitter and TikTok today!

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