Roulette Delgato is here to Slay 2022!

Who is Roulette Delgato?

He is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and plus size model, best known for his slow witty flow, fast flip, and unique singing voice. Roulette is no stranger to big crowds as he has opened for Ice Cube, E-40, Genuwine, and Baby Bash in front of twenty thousand people. His electrifying stage performance is known to bring the house down and prepare the crowd for the headlining act!

On July 1st, Roulette Delgato dropped his music video for “Bussin Back,” with hot visuals and spitfire flows. That same month, he got his very own printed billboard in Downtown Portland on SW 2nd and Washington St., and even filmed a TikTok video with full choreo to his hot new track in front of it! 

This past December, Roulette Delgato really stepped in his bag by dropping his music video for “The Mayor,” a catchy R&B style chorus with a fun vocal melody that’s easy to sing along with, and a strong vocal delivery from Roulette himself. The epic video shows him posted in NYC, with shots of Time Square and Roulette appearing to be rapping from the billboards. At one point in the video, Roulette is rapping in front of a helicopter, in which he ends up flying away in. Yes, I’m serious. This is one of my favorite parts of the video!

Delgato’s lyrical technicalities in his songs are impressive to say the least, and I can’t wait to see what he has planned for us next! I had a quick chat with Delgato to discuss his music and what’s next for this bona fide superstar! 

Roulette Delgato

Bryce Quartz: Do you identify within the bear community?

Roulette Delgato: Yes! I proudly identify as a Brown Bear.

Roulette Delgato
BQ: What is it like representing the big boys in the gay community? 

RD: For me, it’s so liberating! Not just as a musician, but also as a Plus Size Model. I am always pushing the limits with my shoots and showing others that you can be a bigger man, have confidence, and be comfortable in your own skin. Representing for the big boys feels like a badge of honor!

BQ: What inspired you to make this song?

RD: Well, it’s a love song. I feel like we need more love songs for our community. I just wanted to paint a picture of what it would be like being with me. Fun, good sex, Traveling, fashion shows, concerts, great food, and lots of cuddles (laughs).

Roulette Delgato
BQ: What was your favorite part about making this song? 

RD: My favorite part of makin this song was creating the visual for it. My choreographer Carlos Ortiz keeps me on my toes with amazing choreo. Shooting some of the video in New York was so much fun. Dancing in front of my billboard in Portland was so ICONIC!

BQ: Where did you record this song, and what are the vibes like in the studio with you? 

RD: I recorded this song in Portland with my bro and engineer Drex Porter. The vibe in the studio was crazy! After listening to the song a few times through, I think we al knew I had a hit on my hands.

BQ: What was it like recording the epic music video? 

RD: Shooting the video very exciting. We did some shots in Times Square and EVERYONE was watching. So, at first I was nervous but then I got into artist mode and killed it! We also got some shots on the Ferris wheel. That was amazing! My love interest for the video dropped out at the last minute. So, we had to improvise and make it a first person view. That way, you know I was talking to someone but you didn’t know who.

BQ: Was this release cathartic for you?

Roulette Delgato is here to Slay 2022.

Roulette Delgato
BQ: What keeps you motivated?

RD: Being able to share my story with the world keeps me motivated. I was born in prison to a mother who was addicted to drugs and a prostitute. I ensured sexual abuse as a child from a family member and other times while I was in foster care. This is only the top of the iceberg but as you can see I took my negative past and transformed it into a positive and blooming future. I wanna be a role model for others who have been through what I have. I didn’t have that growing  up.

BQ: What can we expect next from you?

RD: Right now I’m working on a new single and video called “Flights” featuring my sis Glam Doll and my bro JUW!LD. My bro Kanide-Is is dropping his brand new single and video “What they want” soon and I’ll be walking for a few different plus size designers during New York Fashion Week in February. You can expect more singles and videos from me this year as I continue to push my career to the next level.

Roulette Delgato
BQ: What other artists are you listening to right now?

RD: Right now I’m listening to Cardi B, Doja Cat, Lizzo, Latto, and Megan Thee Stallion. The ladies are killing shit right now!

BQ: Thanks for taking the time to answer those questions for us, Roulette!

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Bryce Quartz

Bryce Quartz is a queer, cubby rapper currently based in Brooklyn. In addition to contributing to Bear World, he is also a writer for Ryan Cassata’s music blog Rock The Pigeon. He has performed at bear events across the US and has worked with popular drag queens, including RPDR alum Brita Filter.