Photographer Ron Amato captures Provincetown in winter with steamy photos

Photographer Ron Amato recently shared these beautiful, steamy photos from his month in Provincetown with The Advocate and on Instagram.  

Provincetown is known as a popular summer LGBTQ destination, and the location for many popular events such as Provincetown Bear Week, which will be returning this year. Amato decided to capture the beach town during a time when most rarely see it — in the dead of winter. But, even though the temperature may have been cold, these photos were definitely hot! 

In the article “Winter in a Summer Town (Provincetown, That Is)”, Amato writes for The Advocate: “There was a beautiful stillness over the town. While the light is always extraordinary on Cape Cod, the January light was extraordinary in a different way. I knew I had to make photographs. For many years I’ve been making images of men in secluded areas of the dunes, beaches and woods of Provincetown. I wanted to seize this opportunity to photograph men in places which were usually highly populated ‘in season.’ It started with the idea of making a nude on Commercial Street and grew from there. My approach was very different from my Men In Nature series. I wanted these images to be more fantastical and have an element of whimsy.”

Take a look at a few of the photos below, and head to The Advocate to see more! 

To view even more photos from the set and view more of Ron Amato’s work, head to his Instagram: @ron_amato! Also visit Ron Amato Photography on Facebook and

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