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Pawed Bear Wellness in NYC and Philly

Pawed Wellness will hold a Fall Kick Off Party on September 13, 2018, from 7:00-9:30 p.m. at the Manhattan LGBT Center (208 West 13th Street, NY, NY). Pawed currently offers wellness events and services to the Bear community in New York City, Philadelphia, as well as some virtual programs accessible to men all over the country.

The Fall Kick Off Party event will be a preview of Pawed NYC’s upcoming fall-winter schedule, including special events, classes, and workshops.  In addition, it will be an opportunity for people to socialize and meet Pawed’s facilitators.

Admission to the event is free and will feature refreshments and fun prizes, as well as previews of two workshops: one on Bear Touch, lead by Scot Maitland; and the other on healthy morning routines and breakfast foods led by Jon Fischer (aka Coach Cub).

This event is free but space is limited and registration is required.  To register for this event you can visit:

Preview of Other Pawed NYC Fall Events

Bear Touch

The impetus of creating Pawed was to create a safe space for men to connect and bond over the power of touch. To this end, Pawed has been offering monthly massage rotation events which have drawn a diverse crowd of men.  On September 30th, Pawed will offer a 4-hour workshop entitled, “Bear Touch Basics Workshop,” for men to learn the basic foundation of touch techniques. Reach out to them on if you are interested in this workshop as details and tickets will be available soon.

In addition to massage, Pawed has run a number of cuddle events called “Bear Hug” which allow men to explore intimacy and connect with other men in a non-sexual way.  Bear Hug has grown in popularity and has been a favorite event for many people. The next Bear Hug event is this September 25th. Learn more here:

Bear Yoga

Since Pawed began offering Bear Yoga last year, there has been a lot of interest from the community. Going into the fall, Pawed excited to expand its Bear Yoga program by bringing in new Bear Yoga instructors to teach a variety of classes for every level, including “Bear Yoga for Beginners” that begins this October.  The next Bear Yoga class is “Yoga For Every Body” on September 25th. Learn more here:

Group Wellness Group Programs 

Additionally, the co-founder and group health coach, Jon Fischer (aka Coach Cub), is launching a virtual group Bear wellness program on October 1st. The program is designed to help guys create simple, healthy morning and evening routines – and what foods to eat to help reduce cravings and increase energy. Learn more here:

Beyond NYC – Pawed goes to Philly

That’s right, Pawed has expanded to Philly (with plans to reach other cities in the future). The next series of events will be Bear Yoga and Bear Touch Trade on Saturday, September 22nd. Learn more here:

To learn more about Pawed Wellness in NYC or Philly contact them on or at

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