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Instabear of the Week: Verity Smith

Instagram: @smithverity

InstaBear Location: Yorkshire, UK

Pronouns: He/Him

Relationship status: Partnered and Monogamous

Favorite Drink: Pepsi Cherry with ice

What type of guy are you into? Caring, kind, can put up with their feet being run over, and in my case – my drag queen – my king and my queen..

Favorite Cities/Vacation Spots: Vienna beautiful and very accessible

Favorite Hobby or Pastime: Playing wheelchair rugby league, my dogs, and keeping rare goldfish

Idea of a good date? The coast, ice cream, and listen to the waves

What do you look for in a guy? Down to earth, caring, can deal with my rugby obsession, lets me have more dogs lol

Anything else you’d like to share with our readers? Trans men can find love in the gay community and also you can be loved when you have a disability.

There are so many hot Bears to look at on Instagram! Because of this, Bear World Magazine has decided to highlight some of our favorite Bears every week.

We celebrate Bears of all races, ethnicities, sizes, types, ages, genders and abilities.

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One thought on “Instabear of the Week: Verity Smith

  • Verity Smith, Yorkshire Bear, HOT! XXX Gaz. 55. Pudsey Bear. Yorkshire.


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