GreetGay – A Revolutionary Travel App

How good would it be to have personalized recommendations of places to stay and things to do delivered to your phone when you’re traveling? Don’t just rely on the usual websites offering you the standard tourist advice… get GreetGay, a new travel app that has been created to help you navigate great accommodation and services whilst traveling to new destinations.

Just in time for NYC World Pride, GreetGay has launched and is ready to help you plan your trip with like-minded people. It covers everything from accommodation to entertainment, shuttle services, and tour guides. GreetGay works on the basis that you will more likely use services if you feel connected to the person offering it, just like you would with friends and family.

GreetGay has worked hard to create layers of protection and connectivity into its operation. This allows you to feel like you are traveling with word of mouth recommendations from reliable people, which we know are always the best!

As well as accommodation offers around the world, some of the activity offers on the app include a cooking class in Tblissi, a photo-shoot in New York City, and a private tour guide in Sao Paulo, with more and more offers are being added all the time.

Perhaps the coolest part of the app is its connection to Facebook. This allows you to see if you are already connected through friends to the service providers. This really gives you a feeling of security, as those providers are already in your circle of friends.

To fully use the app you will need a code from an approved LGBT partner organisation, such as Pink Banana Media. This verification helps keep the security and safety levels as high as possible. If you are an LGBT organisation, or perhaps a corporate entity that has LGBT groups, you can easily be part of the process by signing up to be a code provider to your members or employees. Send an email to to register as a GreetGay partner.

Victor Semeniaka, GreetGay’s creator, explained to us: “When traveling to new destinations, many people want LGBTQ+ friendly options, and our new app allows you to feel safe and secure wherever you travel to.”

GreetGay was awarded initial funding through Starta Ventures and is building up ready to seek the second stage of funding to be able to grow into even more regions around the world.

To join the app and enjoy the offers and benefits, download from the App Store here and set up a free account today.


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