Get to know Mateo Bolsón, the creator of San Jacobo Comics

Mateo Bolsón is a very talented comic artist from Chile who embraces and celebrates hypermasculinity in his work. We’re talking big hands, big feet, big bellies and big macho attitudes. We sit down for a chat with him to discover the underlying passions and inspiration that fuel his imagination.

BWM: Tell us a bit about your background and how you started creating art.

Mateo Bolsón (MB): I’m a chaser from Santiago de Chile. My name is Iván. I’m 39 years old. I’ve been making drawings since I was a kid, but I started making erotic content in 2019. My nickname is Mateo Bolsón. I used to have another nickname “ChaserHobbit” but I had to change it because the word “Hobbit” is trademarked. I had a complaint on my Patreon from people from the Middle-earth company. That was fun.

BWM: What is it about bears that makes you want to incorporate them into your art?

MB: I have always admired the masculinity of big men, maybe it’s because I’m skinny and little. However, the main reason is that I used to follow many websites with masculine content, even straight content; but those websites are gone. Since then, I had been searching for something similar, but I never found it, so I started to create it by myself. 

BWM: Are you professionally trained or self-taught? Tell us about that.

MB: My grandpa taught me to draw when I was 3 years old, and I’ve been making drawings ever since. I studied graphic design and that helped me to improve my skills with composition, colors, and web design. As for drawing, I’ve been practicing for years but also watching a lot of tutorials on Youtube and following many artist accounts on social media, not only erotic art. I’m always learning new things like 3D modeling and watercolor. I’m constantly learning. 

BWM: Who are some of your artistic inspirations?

MB: This answer is long. I think I must separate the technique inspiration and the content inspiration here.

My biggest inspiration for drawing is “Astérix and Obelix”, a series of comic books by Albert Uderzo. In fact, my characters are inspired by the Roman soldiers from Astérix. Those roman soldiers were so sexy to me when I was a kid, LOL. It sounds silly maybe because it’s a cartoon style, but the way Uderzo draws hands, feet and manly characteristics kept my attention when I was a kid.

I started practicing human figure drawings when I discovered Akira comics (colored version of the manga), and the action sequences of Akira have been the inspiration for the action sequences on my comics.

I’m also constantly watching artists on Pinterest and social media. Sometimes I watch something, and I think “hey, I like the way this artist makes clothing” or “I like how this guy paints the buildings” or how some artist works with lighting or line art. 

In terms of stories, I like Tarantino movies. His movies are great, the stories, the dialogue, the action. I also watch western movies to get some ideas about badass characters. I try to make my characters interesting, and I use some action and violence as a kind of eroticism in addition to typical eroticism, because for me, eroticism is everywhere, not only in sexual contexts. 

Male eroticism or “stereotypical” or “traditional” virility is the main inspiration for my content. It is not an artistic inspiration, but it is a very important part of my work; It’s what inspires me to work at all. It’s that virility that people often confuse with machismo but that in reality is not related to the treatment of other people, but rather is an attitude. It’s the typical attitude of a strong man that is more often associated with the straight man. The attitude linked to brute force jobs like construction workers lifting heavy tools and sweating; or a mechanic working with greasy hands, the strong and protective attitude of a guard. I admire those masculine attributes of everyday life but I also like small details like men who wear their shirts with 2 or 3 buttons unbuttoned, showing the hair on their chest; or a man with his sleeves rolled up showing his hairy arms; the way men smoke or drink, or a shirtless fat man sitting on his chair and drinking beer while he watches football. I see a lot of sensuality in those details, and none of that is related to sex, that’s why I always say that you can find eroticism anywhere.

BWM: Where can we see your work and find you on social media?

MB: My website is My comic is there. The comic episodes are free. Some people ask me how much money it costs to read my comic, or if there is a paid subscription, but it’s free, it’s there. The website has links to all my accounts.

My Patreon account has exclusive uncensored drawings. I post 3 exclusive drawings every month and run special polls as thanks for those who support my work there. I am on Instagram and Twitter: @sanjacobocomics . I post 3 or 4 drawings every month there. I post uncensored versions on Twitter sometimes.

I have a store on TeePublic. You can find T-shirts and other products there with my designs. Go to to check it out. I also have a free OnlyFans account that I use as a backup of my work on social media because you never know. My account is

BWM: What big projects are you working on? What is coming next?

MB: Well, I want to start working on watercolor drawings. I’ve been practicing. I love the watercolor style. I want to make a series of watercolor works and also start taking watercolor commissions. I’m also still working on my comic; I’m writing new episodes and I’m experimenting a lot with 3D design to complement the drawings of the comic. I have many ideas in my mind about episodes and stories. I hope to make them all. And I hope to make a book someday with my illustrations or a comic book with my stories. That would be great. And finally, as a fantasy, I would like to make the same content that I make but with real people, photo sessions, or a live action comic or a movie. That would be awesome!

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