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Fuzzy Fall Fashion Guide

Not all Bears hibernate when it starts to get chilly! And even when we do hibernate, we still need to come out every now and then for necessities — such as FOOD! But, don’t get too excited. This isn’t a food article. 

Just because we’re big and fuzzy, doesn’t mean that we Bears don’t need some nice garments to wrap up in. But, as we all know, finding the right styles in our sizes can be a bit of a chore — Sometimes the stores don’t really have many big and tall options. 

Well, we have put together a list of fuzzy fall options to help you along the way!

Flannel Shirts

When the weather starts to get a little chilly, every Bear needs to pull out his nice handy flannel. We love a good plaid flannel, so check out some of these great options from JCRT, DXL, and Johnny Bigg!

Sweaters, Jackets and Hoodies

Yes, again, we know Bears are usually a little fuzzy, but not all of us are. And even if we are, we still need a little extra warmth and maybe even a little hood sometimes. Check out some of these great sweats, jackets and hoodie options from JCRT, ASOS, Johnny Bigg and Fat Marker!


Ah, yes! You can’t go wrong with a little bit of denim — especially with that flannel shirt and hoodie. These brands — DXL, Johnny Bigg, BooHoo and ASOS — have tons of options, including skinny leg and stretchy options for thick-legged Bears. GRR!


And after you throw on your denim jeans, flannel shirt and hoodie, you’re going to need a nice pair of boots to go along with it, wouldn’t you say? I would definitely say YES. Check out some of the cool, stylish boot options at DXL, BooHoo and Johnny Bigg!

Underwear and Socks

So, you’re all dressed on top, but OH!… We can’t forget that out Bear bottoms and feet need warming too. Fat Marker, ABETTERBUZZ and DXL all have some cozy underwear and sock options!

Hats, Scarves and Face Masks 

In the year of COVID, we not only have to worry about keeping our heads and necks warm, but now we have to worry about covering our faces. Yes, I know many of us do have beards already. However, this isn’t a matter of warmth as much as it’s a matter of public safety. Don’t leave home without your hats, scarves and FACE MASKS! Check out JCRT, Fat Marker, ABETTERBUZZ, Bearback and Bear-Tastic for some stylish options.

Also, check out our list of brands and designers who cater to large and bearded faces!

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