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A gay Senator went to Folsom, sends the GOP into a complete meltdown 

Out, gay California Senator Scott Wiener tweeted pictures of himself at San Francisco’s famous Folsom Street Fair, and the conservatives are absolutely losing their minds – And, of course, we love to see it! 

According to The Advocate, the Senator posted a shirtless picture of himself with a group of men at Folsom over the weekend, and tweeted “Happy Folsom Street Fair.” and as we all probably expected, right-wing conservatives started chiming in immediately. 

“The same politician who kept your kid out of school for two years because covid is attending gay orgies during monkeypox. Feel free to Google Folsom street fair and see the wonderful delights he’s enjoying.”, Tweeted conservative mixed martial artist Jake Shields. 

That’s just one example (we really can’t be bothered to show you all the ridiculous comments, especially since you can already guess what’s being said), but it also comes as no surprise that the conservatives have so much to say about Weiner attending Folsom, but said nothing when, earlier this year, an anti-vaxxer received over seven felony convictions for threatening Wiener’s life in an email over a proposed bill that would allow teenagers to be able to receive vaccinations without their parents’ consent. 

“Vax my kids without my permission and expect a visit from me and my rifle,” wrote Erik Triana, 51, in an email sent on January 22, 2022. Triana signed the email “Amendment, Second” and listed San Francisco’s Moscone Center as his address.And, if you didn’t know, the Moscone Center is named after the late San Francisco Mayor George Moscone who, along with iconic gay activist, Harvey Milk, was assassinated in 1978. 

Wiener told The Advocate that this isn’t the first time conservatives have used homophobia and pictures of him shirtless on social media to try to smear his name unsuccessfully. “This has been going on for me for years,” he says. “There are a number of pictures of me shirtless from as far back as 2016 that they’ll recycle all the time. It’s just straight-up homophobia.”

Senator Scott Wiener, went to Folsom and GOP can't handle it
California Senator Scott Wiener. Photo from Facebook: @Scott Wiener

“They’re being empowered on social media by sociopath elected officials like Ron DeSantis and others who have normalized attacking and degrading LGBTQ+ people,” says Wiener. 

“I will add that I’ve been called a pedophile tens of thousands of times,” he continues. “It’s rare that a day goes by that somebody doesn’t call me a pedophile on social media,” says Wiener, referring to the very false and damaging idea conservatives have that all gay men are sex offenders. And, as we can imagine, a gay man that advocates for teenagers’ ability to get vaccinations without parents consent would probably be sandblasted by conservatives with such a false narrative. 

Wiener says that people need to remain vigilant and understand the importance of protecting the rights of LGBTQ+ people in the United States, despite the fact that we’re seeing lots of progress in the media and entertainment industries. “We’ve had a lot of progress the last few decades, but we need to be clear that there’s still a massive undercurrent of homophobia and transphobia in this country.” He adds, “They want us to disappear. They hate us. They’re trying to bring this country back to the 1950s.” 

As far as his pictures from Folsom, or any other gay event, Wiener says that this antipathy and hate is also a direct result of a homophobic mindset. It says, ‘”I’m okay with gay men existing, they just can’t actually be gay men.”

“I’m a gay man. I’m a single gay man,” he says.”I enjoy life, and sexuality is part of human existence. If they have a problem, that’s their issue, not mine, and they need to get a life.”

Absolutely agreed, Senator. Now, where are the rest of the pictures from Folsom?

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