5 Queer Actors We’d Rather See Play Iceman Than Shia LaBeouf

Recently, it was reported that Marvel is “keen” to cast Shia LaBeouf as gay superhero Iceman in Marvel’s highly anticipated reboot of the X-Men franchise. The news has started numerous conversations about the possible decision to cast a heterosexual actor as a gay character as opposed to casting a queer actor.

The conversation about representation in Hollywood has been happening for some time now, and rightfully so. Whether it’s Angelina Jolie being cast as a biracial woman, or Scarlett Johansson being cast as an Asian or transgender character, Hollywood has a way of erasing minorities, even in stories that feature them. 

No shade to Shia LaBeouf (I met him once), but he may need to sit this one out! It’s no secret that Iceman is a bit of a twink (they could possibly get away with a little scruff), so for your enjoymment — especially our Bears who love Twinks — here are 5 hot queer, twinky actors that we think would make a better Iceman!

Colton Haynes


Known for his starring role as Jackson Whittemore in the MTV supernatural drama series Teen Wolf and as Roy Harper / Arsenal in the CW superhero television series Arrow, Colton Haynes spent his first few years in Hollywood concealing his sexuality following advice from industry insiders. He came out as gay in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2016. 

Scott Evans

Best known for playing the role of police officer Oliver Fish on the ABC daytime soap opera One Life to Live, and a recurring role as Oliver on the series Grace and Frankie, Scott Evans is the younger brother of actor Chris Evans. He came out as gay at the age of 19, and studied theatre at New York University. 

Justice Smith

Justice Smith is best known for his role as Franklin Webb in the 2018 science-fiction film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and for starring in the films Detective Pikachu and All the Bright Places. Justice came out as queer in an Instagram post in June of this year, confirming his relationship with fellow actor Nicholas Ashe and showing solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Nicholas Ashe

The 24-year-old Broadway actor rose to television fame through his work in Ava DuVernay’s drama series, Queen Sugar, which premiered in 2016. He  and actor Justice Smith came out as a couple via an Instagram post after attending a Black Lives Matter protest together in New Orleans. 

Chella Man 

YouTuber, actor, model and LGBTQ activist Chella Man first became known for sharing his experiences as a transgender, deaf, queer Jewish Person of Color. Man rose to wider prominence in 2019 for portraying mute superhero Jericho in the second season of the DC Universe series Titans. Yes, he would be cheating on DC a bit, but it would be worth it for diversity!

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