2024 Toyota Grand Highlander: Perfect for All Trips, Long and Short

An all-new model for the year, the 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander is clearly a Large SUV, going head-to-head with the Chevy Suburban and the Jeep Wagoneer (according to U.S. News and World Report), yet starting a good $10K US less than its competitors in the class.

Almost 17 feet long, 6 ½ feet wide, 6 feet tall without roof rails … this is a beast you will be pleased to take home to your parents.

By comparison, the traditional Toyota Highlander is a smaller midsized vehicle, which is also a good vehicle for all the challenging weather that is now the norm just about everywhere we Bears live and travel. I wrote about the vehicle last summer and I still think it’s a good choice for most Bear families, however defined. 

Last week, I wrote about the very similar 2024 Lexus TX, which has a similar size and shape to the Grand Highlander, so much so that even the interior cargo space is the same: 20 cubic feet of space with all three rows of seats up, and 97 feet of space when you put both rows of seats down.

I’ll cut to the chase here: the big difference between the Grand Highlander and the TX is starting price and luxury: the TX starts at $53,700 US.

The Grand Highlander, by comparison, is truly more of a utilitarian, kind of Large-Marge, kind of SUV.  The base XLE (which comes with Front-Wheel Drive) does not have a whole lotta frills, but you will be comfortable.  

I was surprised how well the base 4-cylinder engine does. Comfort and performance are stellar. I was not disappointed. has chosen the 2024 Grand Highlander as one of its top picks for ‘midsize three-row SUV’ – which just goes to show that not everyone can agree on where a model fits into which category of cars.

Still, the all-new Grand Highlander, like the TX is big enough for at least four Bears.  And maybe two otters in the third row.  My advice: get in and see how you like it, while cranking up the Barbie song winner from the Golden Globes

Indeed, winter is upon us, at least for much of the world. I will admit, having a solid, reliable vehicle with All-Wheel Drive is the way to go depending on where you live, and only the top-tier Platinum trim (which I tested) offers that.

For all you warm weather Bears, the base XLE or the middle Limited trim should work fine.  No need to get Frozen involuntarily.

Unless you feel like singing something from the musical. In the style of Donald Duck.

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