2024 Lexus TX: Brand New Largess for The New Year

Brand new for 2024, Lexus has a new, really big (maybe not that big) SUV that will work for urban guys who are more into smooth roads and fewer rocky roads (sans the ice cream): the all-new 2024 Lexus TX. 

It’s big but not too big, has plenty of room inside, and to date, the reviews have been positive. 

I will say, I did enjoy driving this gentle giant.  As always, parking is to be done carefully. And make sure you can provide proper care for this gem (i.e. insurance).  That said, this might do the trick for the new year. 

The TX was designed as a ‘people mover’ as opposed to an off-road vehicle.  As such, it is set on a car-based platform, as opposed to the Lexus LX or GX, the other large vehicles that are designed for more rigorous adventures. 

(For comparison, the TX is similar to its brother SUV the Toyota Grand Highlander, which I will be reviewing soon.)

Indeed, there is plenty of room for at least four Bears and possibly six, given the third row of seats. There is a certain utility to this vehicle, to be sure. There is 20 cubic feet of cargo space with all three rows up (or, enough for seven carry-on suitcases), and when you fold both the third and the second rows of seats down, you will get 97 cubic feet of space.  

Perfect for whatever you need to haul. For whatever reason.

You may have seen the commercials which tout how getting stuck in the backseat is no longer such a bad thing.  Here is one from YouTube.

My friend and colleague Andy Stonehouse of the Summit Daily News (which serves Aspen, Colorado) had the opportunity to test the TX in Austin, TX, and found “the TX does indeed provide a smooth, composed and capably powerful (and very quiet) experience, even with its smallest engine option.” There you go…….

Prices start at $53,700 US and should be available at dealerships soon. 

Full disclosure: I tested a prototype of the TX (specifically, the 350 Premium AWD trim) with my husband Paul, and for me, it was not quite ready for Prime Time.  Still, it was impressive.  More than enough room for passengers and packages.  Great on snow and ice.  And it should do well in urban markets.

The marketing of the 2024 Lexus TX is clearly aimed at families.  Well, that would include Bear families, yes?

I mean, how could it not?

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