2024 Nissan Ariya: The ‘Pride’ and Joy of Electrics

As the Official Pace Car of the 2024 Denver Pride Parade, the 2024 Nissan Ariya EV proved to be a knockout, a standout – and was able to keep pace with the 300+ floats that were part of this year’s parade!

It was introduced for model year 2023 and heavily marketed everywhere – prime time TV, internet, social media. Nissan really wants you to give this one a try. To that extent, starting price is now just under $40K US, compared to last year, which was floating around $43K.

Updates this year make it more luxurious (inside and out) and give it more of a feel where you can actually enjoy the car. It rides a little higher and a little lighter, and that’s a good thing; getting in and out is a bit easier, especially for those of us who are not otter-esque.

A sense of quiet and calm as you drive overtakes the cabin, which is also a good thing, perhaps too much of a good thing.  Always be sure you are paying attention to everything around you.  There are a lot of batshit crazy drivers out there, many more than just a few years ago, and they don’t care how much you are enjoying your ride.

For those of you who like an EV that can be driven with one foot (never having the use the brake), this ain’t it.  Nissan intentionally designed this year’s Ariya so that it has less of a bumper car feel and more of a traditional feel, which for me is reassuring. 

Cargo space is a bit pinched – and we Bears love our cargo space. In just the rear alone, you’ll get just under 23 cubic feet, but when you put the backseats down, you will have about 60 cubic feet.

Admittedly, range can be an issue here. Depending on how you charge it, you may only get around 208 miles – or over 300.  Later this year, you will be able to get an adapter so you can charge your Ariya at a Tesla Supercharger station. 

Buying and maintaining an Electric Vehicle is a lot of work.  You do have to plan ahead, and for many of us (like me) that just does not fit into our plans.  So – know that upfront.

But if you are in the market for an EV, check this one out.  And enjoy the luxury.

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