2023 Ford Bronco Sport: Otter, Cub-Like Fun Wherever You Go

If you’re thinking about a Ford Bronco but need something just a little more tidy, you really should check out the 2023 Ford Bronco Sport.

I mean, this pocket bear really does kick arse!

This little cub, which really isn’t all that little, is considered a Compact SUV. It’s smaller than the affable, regular ole Ford Bronco and is purposefully designed for those who need something to be both a city car and that weekend warrior off-road vehicle that can take you to new (and old) heights.

(It’s also considered a ‘crossover’ SUV, but for me, there really isn’t a whole lotta difference between a compact and crossover.  In other words, get inside first and see how you fit before you say ‘yes’ to anything.) 

Earlier this year, I wrote about the 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor, a much-bigger vehicle that can really do some damage (in a good, clean, fun way). It’s large and in-charge, but for those who don’t have the garage nor the terrain for such a beast, the Bronco Sport is just enough of a squirt to make you feel satisfied. 

Based on the Ford Escape (a Mighty Mouse of sorts), you’ll get a 3-cylinder, 181-horsepower turbo and All-Wheel Drive, all for a starting price of just over $31K US when you factor in destination charges and all that other stuff. 

The driving was relatively smooth, given that this baby Bear was meant for the big outdoors, much like your dog that always has its leash in its mouth waiting by your bedside. 

I tested the Heritage Limited 4×4 edition. The look here is “retro”, according to Car and Driver, and personally, I love it. The style harkens back to its 1960s roots: white roof, white rear and front badging, 17-inch aluminum black and white wheels, very gay (read: not boring) colors (as seen here) …. I love it … in a big butch way of course (wink!).

In reality, most people, including Bears, don’t do as much off-roading as we say we do nor as we’d like to do. But we do like having all those car features just in case the dirt and the Highlands (and the Scotsmen) come calling on a moment’s notice. 

And who hasn’t had the Road Less Traveled come calling when it offers a mountain man who wants to get away for a weekend? Or a moment’s notice?

After all, you never know when Mister Right (or Mr. Wright) will be right around the corner. 

You’ll need a vehicle like the Ford Bronco Sport that says ‘yes, I’m butch too’ – just in case there is any question. 

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