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10 things you need at a bear event

Every bear knows there are certain essentials one needs at every bear run. Here are 10 of them!!


This has become a gay staple. No event is complete without seeing a few sexy Bears in harnesses. 

Head over to MistR Bear to order your custom harness today!

Cargo Shorts

What can we say? The Bears love a good pair of comfortable cargo shorts. 

Head over to DXL and check out their large collection of cargo shorts!


What can we say? The gays like their poppers, and the Bears probably like them even more. If you plan on getting frisky, you might want to take along a couple of bottles. 

If you live in NYC, you can still order your monthly subscription box from Poppr

A Bear T-Shirt

Every Bear has a t-shirt that has a witty slogan or sexual innuendo on it. Or one that says something like “WOOF” or “GRR”. Or one that has a picture of a bear paw or a bear on it. EVERY BEAR HAS ONE. And if you don’t… Seriously, are you even a Bear? Go ahead and bring it along with you. 

Head over to Bear-Tastic, and YEAHBUZZY to check out their Beary t-shirts!

Trucker Cap

No, they’re NOT out of style. Yes, Bears still wear them. Yes, you or someone you know probably has one. If not, you can wear a snapback, but make sure it says “Daddy” or something. 

Head over to Bear-Tastic, and YEAHBUZZY to check out their selection of hats!


Ok, so not every Bear wears cargo shorts and trucker hats. Some like something a little bit more… flowy. Kaftans seem to be all the rage for some Bears. 

Head over to Kaftko to shop their selection of gorgeous kaftans for gorgeous Bears. 

Clack Fan

And those Bears that love kaftans obviously like to keep cool… and make dramatic entrances while clacking their big oversized fans, so this is something to add to the list. Preferably a large one that says “WOOF” or “SLAY”. 

Head over to Daftboy if you need to slay with a clack fan! 

Leather Boots

No fetish night is complete without a pair of black leather boots. Like, seriously… You’re going to need these.

Head over to The Leatherman NYC for boots and leather gear! 

Travel Lube

So yes, if you need those poppers, then you’ll definitely need some lube. Preferably a small bottle that you can put in your pocket… Or handbag. 

Head over to Bearback to check out their 2nd Best Bearback Lube Ever! 


Well, if you’re going to wear a harness… You may as well complete it and show them your buns in a jockstrap. Once you start getting hot, you’ll be thankful you wore one. 

Head over to MistR Bear. They have a good selection of jockstraps too. 

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments 

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