Yes, fans are still talking about Boba Fett’s THICC Gamorreans!

Big bellies, THICC thighs, THICC calves, THICC Gamorreans… Oh my! Lovers of the Star Wars universe are already familiar with the beastly THICC Gamorreans, or “pig lizards”, from seasons one and two of the widely popular series The Mandalorian.

Upgrade commence!

Fans were dismayed in season one when they were introduced as Jabba the Hutt’s waddling side men, so the creators gave them a bit of an upgrade in season two to make them more serious and human-like. Now, with the premiere of the new Disney+ series The Book of Boba Fett, they got the biggest upgrade of all – they are not only loyal, but also super THICC! 

In the Star Wars universe, Gamorreans are a conscious species of green-skinned, pig-like humanoids that are native to the Outer Rim planet of Gamorr. They group themselves in clans, each of which has to be led by a warlord and a Clan Matron. A number of Gamorrean guards have been employed by the crime lord Jabba the Hutt throughout his career.

Previously, they were depicted as aggressively dumb. They were only able to communicate through piggy squeals (some of our readers may find this appealing). Fans saw them briefly in the first episode of Boba Fett performing a ritualistic and respectable warrior duel. They couldn’t help but notice how much more intelligent they appeared… AND how THICC they are! 


In fact, fans have been discussing their bulky, muscular figures all over Twitter since the show premiered on December 29th. And yes, by the looks of it the THICC Gamorreans are also in the recently released episode two. So, it seems fans will get to see more of them on throughout the entire season!


We guess it’s safe to say that big bellies, chunky thighs and meaty calves are in for the new year, and we love to see it. Come through Boba Fett, and bring the THICCNESS! 

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