Who’s That Bear in the BRLO Beer Calvin Klein Parody Ad?!

Berlin brewery and gastronomy company BRLO have released what might be the best commercial we’ve ever seen.

In order to promote sales of their ‘NAKED’ non-alcoholic beer for dry January, they released a commercial parody of the recent Calvin Klein Spring 2024 underwear campaign featuring Jeremy Allen White, star of The Bear. In the ad, Jeremy is seen running up the stairs to a rooftop in New York City where he strips down to his underwear and poses, as one does, before falling onto a conveniently placed couch to enjoy the sunset.

In BROL’s version an actual bear, this time in the form of London based actor Gerrard Woodward, runs up to a rooftop in Berlin where he also strips down to his underwear; and all we can say is thank you to whoever dreamed up this piece of advertising brilliance. Woodward is a handsome, fiery ginger with a sexy belly, lots of gorgeous body hair and a beautifully cropped beard. He strips down and literally bares all by the time he hits the couch, beer in hand while “I Love Myself (This Body)” by The Californias plays in the background. (Censors be damned for blurring out the naughty bits!)

Let’s take a look at BOTH ads, shall we? First up, Jeremy Allen White, who is nothing to sneeze at either baby, though we’d have loved to see Matty Matheson take a crack at this:

And now Gerrard Woodward:

YES CHEF!!! Via social media, Woodward said of the commercial:

“Such a great concept for BRLO beer. A body positive love note to Jeremy Allen White. Had a great time working in Munich, Germany…everyone was so kind to me, I love this campaign so much. Give it some love.”

According to IMDb Gerrard has over 10 years of professional experience as an actor, singer and dancer. He has performed on cruise ships, tv, feature films, motion capture, musical pantomimes, print campaigns and commercials.

We can’t wait to see what he comes out with next!

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