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W | Bear of the Week: Nate

W | Bear Profile: PassioNatePig

Age: 31

Home: New York, NY

About me: 

Hello, fam! I’m Nate (“PassioNATEpig”). I’m 31 years old, and born and raised in NYC. I’ve spent a fair amount of time overseas (family and school in Israel), although I enjoy traveling around my area and all over the world.

I’m obviously a huge fan of daddy bears, as I’m in an open relationship with my wonderful boyfriend (who is also on W | Bear as “dillon”). I play the drums in a band (recording our first EP now), I love what I do for work, and am a fashion-head who loves sneakers and denim. I love the outdoors, food, and all things coastal. Daddy bears, if you are ever in NYC, I’m up for fun as well as friendship.

About W | Bear:

I absolutely love W | Bear for its multifaceted platform. I love how it spans from liking hot posts and browsing feeds, to opening up a flirty, private chat. I really enjoy this platform because I don’t participate in mass social media, and I appreciate how it serves a targeted community.

In addition, I’m proud to now know two of the three creators (having met them in Paris last year). I like to consider them as personal friends of mine, and am in huge support of the W | Bear vision.  

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