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Underwear company Nic Tailor spreads body positivity, tailors to fit all body types

The male body isn’t just about muscle or how you look, but instead how you feel and how comfortable you are in your own skin! 

Social Media often portrays unrealistic body types, often making others feel insecure about themselves. But, every person should be proud in their own skin, and that’s why underwear company Nic Tailor is on a mission to end that. 

With their new body positivity campaign, Nic Tailor is determined to showcase and spread the word that all body types are meant to be represented. Their goal is to create Underwear for All!

You feel good when your clothing fits better — and that goes for underwear too! At Nic Tailor, they tailor each pair of underwear to your specific body type and needs. 

Now’s the time to #GetNicTailored, and get something made just for you and your body! What can be even better than that? Well, Bear World magazine readers get 40% off at checkout until May 2, with code ‘BEARWORLD40’!

Order your custom tailored boxers and briefs today! There is no shame in comfort!

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