TYLR’s debut single ‘BYE’ is the perfect hello to his discography!

Say hello to TYLR through his debut single “BYE.” 

TYLR is a singer/songwriter originally from Boston but is now based in New York City. He first fell in love with music through his mom who had an extensive CD collection that became the soundtrack to his childhood.

He grew up as a “fat and very obviously gay child” in several catholic schools, while also battling a sometimes difficult home life outside of school. Through this, he wound up with really tough skin and a perspective that has shaped the music that he makes, the clothes he wears, and the artist he is. His music is made for anybody who wants to celebrate their body and their sexuality and who they truly are.  

“Calling yourself a model is a big claim, but I love fashion and styling, and being able to tune into my body to portray an emotion or a feeling in a picture or video. Modeling has allowed me to truly say that I feel sexy in my body and 100% mean it.  I take that confidence with me every day.  Everything I do as an artist is to try and make others included in that feeling, cause there’s nothing better than being confident enough in yourself to never have to tear anyone else down.”-TYLR

TYLR is also the co-host of the “Bottoms Up” podcast with his co-host Kyler. Self proclaimed as “a podcast created by bottoms for everyone,” the show’s first season is now streaming on your favorite chosen platform. Season 2 is expected to be around the corner, so be on the lookout! 

TYLR’s latest single “BYE” released this past September 9th is the perfect introductory debut to his discography, showing us just how catchy his songwriting can be. TYLR’s voice gracefully rides over the instrumental throughout the track, with his stunning vocal delivery shining the brightest.

After just a few listens, I’ve already memorized the insanely catchy hook, and I seriously can’t get it out of my head. There’s some kind of power the melody and TYLR’s voice here that makes this track an instant best seller. An absolute proper debut single that highlights so much of what TYLR is capable of as an artist, leaving us wanting more by the end of the track. 

I had the privilege of interviewing TYLR about his music, his latest single, and more. Check it out below! 

Bryce Quartz: Hey there, TYLR! Thank you for taking time out of your day to speak with me. How are you doing today?

TYLR: I’m so good Bryce!  Thank you for taking the time to talk to me, I’m always honored.  

BQ: Let’s jump right into the interview. How did you first get started creating music?

TYLR: Well, my grandparents bought me an iMac when i was a freshman in High School after I begged for years to get one so that I could get access to GarageBand.  From the moment I got that thing all I could think about was sitting down and creating music for hours and hours!  

Production is a beast that I have not tackled yet, so I’m lucky to have worked with very talented producers (cough cough Patrick Giguere & Dino Zisis cough cough) who are my favorite people to work with because we really just feed off of each other and push each other to create the best possible piece of music.  Dino also produced some of Lady Gaga’s ‘Artpop’, which is an album that SHAPED me around the time I was playing on my iMac, which feels wild. 

BQ: How many songs do you think you’ve written over the years?

TYLR: Oh, I’ve probably written over 1000 songs, most of which at this point aren’t useable because i’ve learnt so much as a writer that I can write way better melodies and lyrics.  But I do love going back and finding something that you can pull out and create something new with!

BQ: What inspired you to write your latest single “BYE”? 

TYLR: It’s funny cause most of my songs are inspired by specific feelings or people, but this one was just an overall burning feeling I was having at the time.  I wrote this with Pat in 2020 right after quarantine had lifted, I had to spend like 3 weeks in the hospital cause of some health issues and I was just pissed.  

Everyone was pissed at that moment in time.  So I just channeled all that aggression and pain into this record that I love.  It’s one of my favorite songs we’ve ever made, it taught me that I could make something really dark and gritty and still feel authentic to myself as an artist and as a writer!

BQ: I remember you telling me how you’ve sat on this track for a while because you wanted the release to be perfect. How does it feel to finally have that record out for the world to hear now?

TYLR: It’s honestly so exciting, I didn’t know what to do because I just had this thing I wanted to show everyone and try to put in front of as many people as possible, and I just had to sit with it for 2 years.  But it also reassured me that the music I make isn’t gimmicky, because 2 years later it still sounds like I could’ve written it a month ago, so I guess i’m proud of that.

BQ: Are you currently working on any new tracks that we can expect soon? What can we expect next from you?

TYLR: I actually have 4 other tracks that are part of a project, all with visuals already filmed, but my label has advised that we hold off on releasing more until we can give this one a chance to get in front of more people.  Which totally makes sense in my head, but i’m very excited for the rest of the project.  Each song has its own color that coincides with the visuals… I think next is yellow!!!

BQ: What are some other artists you’re listening to right now?

TYLR: I’m loving Tove Lo, Bree Runway, Janelle Monaé (always), Ariana Grande (also always), Chloë, and i’ve also been obsessed with the House of the Dragon Season 1 Soundtrack!  Ramin Djawadi never misses.

BQ: Thank you for taking the time to answer those questions for us, TYLR! 
Be sure to stream “BYE” by TYLR on Spotify, Apple Music and all other platforms now, and follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!