Transgender tow truck worker featured in A&E series ‘Hustle & Tow’

The new series premiere offers a close-up look at America’s unsung essential workers who perform daily under extremely dangerous conditions. 

The series follows eight tow companies from across the country, with three tow stories featured in each episode. One of the tow companies in the series is Smith’s High Tech Automotive, based in Erlanger, KY. Wayne Smith owns the company, and among his tow truck drivers is his son Tyler, who is transgender.  While “Hustle & Tow” is about the work and challenges faced by tow truck operators, including Tyler, he also tells his personal story in his own words. 

Tyler is featured in the episode “Burnin’ Bridges,” airing on Tuesday, April 27 at 10:30pm ET/PT, and “Slippery Slope,” airing the following week, May 4th at 10pm ET/PT. 

America’s unsung, hard-working men and women respond to a massive array of calls from recovering stolen cars, to handling contentious impounds, clearing behemoth big rig wrecks, rescuing families who have veered off the highway and much more — in unexpected terrain, wildlife and weather. With diverse shops and operators in both rural and urban communities across the country, “Hustle & Tow” offers viewers a rugged “day-in-the-life” perspective on tow truck operators, where depending on the call they can either be hailed as heroes or labeled as villains. These operators – part-mechanics and part-first responders – endeavor to keep the country mobile while moving from one call to the next to get the job done. 

“Hustle & Tow” airs on A&E with back-to-back episodes on Tuesdays at 10pm/9c.


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