Tom Goss is here to make you smile for ‘Christmas 2020″!

Tom Goss is back to serve up some Holiday cheer in 2020! 

Yesterday, one of our favorite bear crooners, Tom Goss, released a fun new Christmas song that’s sure to delight the bears this Holiday season. Completed in just under a week, “Christmas 2020” was released yesterday, just in time for Christmas!

“Last Friday, Mike (my husband) went for a walk, and I was relishing a couple moments of alone time in our one bedroom apartment,” says Tom. “I picked up the guitar and this fun Christmas ditty came out. So full of joy, I wanted to share it with the world!”

Tom then teamed up with Ned Douglas, Mike Lovins and Liz DeRoche to help turn around production, bass and vocal arrangements in the span of a couple hours. The next day, he then corralled his husband to make a home movies-style music video for the song. And now, the song, and video, are out to the world!

“This whole project has made me smile so big,” says Tom. “I hope it does the same for you!”

Check out Tom Goss’ cute, cheeky video for “Christmas 2020” below!

Visit tomgossmusic.com, and follow Tom Goss on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram

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