Tom Goss Explores New Territories In “Quayside”

Friend of Bear World Magazine, Tom Goss, delivers the chill song of the summer season, “Quayside.” Featuring Goss’ smooth melodic voice, over a composure of contemporary synths and guitar, he tells listeners of his own personal and unique journey with love, as he navigates the terrain of a polyamorous relationship. “Quayside” is now available for download and streaming on digital music platforms worldwide.

Featuring acclaimed songwriter Gregory Douglass and produced by Ian Carmichael (One Dove, Lamb, The Orchids), “Quayside” tells the delicate story of diving into a polyamorous relationship, a journey littered with potential dangers. The track wrestles with Goss’ own perceptions of love and relationships, providing a candid snapshot of his own life.

“‘Quayside’ explores an entirely new set of boundaries that I encountered when visiting my lover at his home on a quayside in London for the first time,” explains Goss. “I was concerned about being respectful to him, and his public (or daily life with his husband) while still being respectful to my own husband, and the love we’ve fostered for so many years.”

The track also offers a vivid portrayal of Goss’ innate musical ability while playing guitar, keyboard and vocals. The song embodies the relaxed beachside vibe of a Jack Johnson meets the synth pallet of Robyn, hypnotizing listeners upon impact.

A prolific writer and performer, Tom Goss has released seven albums and played over a thousand shows in five countries and over one hundred cities.  His work has been featured on ABC, HBO and Univision programs that span the globe, delighting his worldwide fan base.

A college wrestler turned Catholic seminarian turned polyamorous gay songwriter; Tom Goss is well known in the LGBT world for his music videos for “Bears,” “Round in All The Right Places,” and his Dusty Springfield cover of “Son of a Preacher Man,” which reimagines the video as a poignant ballad about two gay teens.

His videos have been viewed more than 12 million times. Goss has been praised by press outlets such as The Washington Post, The Advocate, Instinct Magazine, The Daily Beast, Huff Post, Billboard and more.

“Quayside” is the first single off of Tom Goss’ forthcoming album, Territories, due out later this year. Stream or download the single on available digital music platforms worldwide and keep up with Tom Goss and his future tour announcements at TomGossMusic.com.

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One thought on “Tom Goss Explores New Territories In “Quayside”

  • Tom Goss and his “husband” are nothing but a couple of frauds. First they market to the monogamous married crowd and Goss was out front as the poster child for it. In fact, he had the audacity to write an article in The Advocate extolling the virtues of monogamous marriage 2 years ago while NOW admitting he has been polyamorous for the past THREE years. Next, he markets to the Bear and the Overweight crowd garnering yet another fan base from another gay niche market. Presently, he is attempting to market to the polyamorous crowd, thereby spitting in the face of all of us who worked HARD AND LONG to obtain the right for the “heteronormative” monogamous marriage that they now mock. Funny, in his interviews he talks about anxiety over this polyamorous stuff. If it’s so right, why is he nervous? The 2 of them didn’t do their homework. Polyamorous people don’t buy music. His sales are in nose bleed territory for this song and he has lost over 80 followers to his page and it continues to drop daily as the monogamous fans become aware of his duplicity. Quick, get “husband” Mike to buy some more bogus numbers to pad that Instagram Facebook and Twitter page! If he didn’t present himself as the monogamous married poster child, I really wouldn’t give a damn what he does. However, this type of betrayal is not only hurtful but spits in the face of those of us who lost a spouse in a monogamous marriage. Some of us took vows of For Better or Worse not For Better Or Else and to talk all this crap now as a marketing ploy is just reprehensible.

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