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Introducing: Tris, Our Next Tik Tok Bear of the Month!

Meet Tris, our next Tik Tok Bear of the Month who’s hilarious, kind, and creative!

Tik Tok Username: @goodvibetristhesequel

Follower Count: 127k

Current Location: San Antonio, TX

Pronouns: He/ Him, They/Them

You may have seen Tris on your For You page across Tik Tok before, most likely making you laugh through a variety of ways. I found his content back around 2020 and have been following ever since. Tris has worked with a few other Tik Tok creators you may have heard of, like @mrhamilton who also makes hilarious content. Tris also creates wax melts and has shared his journey as a business owner on Tik Tok as well. Overall, Tris makes content that we adore.

Check out some of his content here:


LOL they said “mr. t this is how we get the class to be quiet”

♬ original sound – twis

Replying to @l.a.n.a.d.el.r.e.y

♬ original sound – twis

Read our interview with him below!

Bryce Quartz: How are you doing today?

Tris: I am doing really well, super caffeinated and substitute teaching haha! 

Bryce: When did you first join Tik Tok?

Tris: I joined tiktok back in 2018 and really began to gain a following in early 2020!

Bryce: Did you start creating videos right away, or did you wait a little while before posting your own videos?

Tris: I was super apprehensive at first, but with time I realized how exhausting it is to always hyper-focus on what people think of you. Just post the video and RUN lol. 

Bryce: What has the reception been like to the content that you create?

Tris: It has been really good!! I feel like I have been able to cultivate an audience of likeminded, friendly people who spread love 🙂 

Bryce: Have you experienced any downsides to the content you’ve posted before, such as hate comments, and how do you deal with that? 

Tris: Yes! Whether its body shaming or just flat out being a dick, I always make a lesson out of them LMAOOO you can hate on my page all you want and say whatever you want about me, but don’t forget I can screenshot and make a video too! 😝

Bryce: Do you have any advice for other bears who might want to start making their own content but might not feel as confident yet?

Tris: You should go for it. You should take this as your sign to go have some fun and live a little!! Post that funny video you made, shoot that content, do whatever you can to make yourself feel happy and proud while also letting your creative juices flow!!

Bryce: What do you like to do outside of Tik Tok?

Tris: I really like to binge shows and cook. I can make a mean alfredo pasta for you 😉 I also absolutely adore animal crossing on the switch. 

Bryce: Who are some of your other favorite content creators?

Tris: Bryce Quartz ;))) hahahah I love alot of creators including @softscorpio, @gothboithrift, @stapleyourmouthshut & more!!

Bryce: Where else can we find you on social media besides Tik Tok?

Tris: On instagram! @goodvibetris

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us, Tris!

Let us know on social media of any bears who YOU think should be the TikTok Bear of the Month for Bear World Magazine, and stay tuned for next month’s pick!