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The Title Race: Why I’m Running for a Title at Bears, Bikers and Mayhem

I have been asked to write about my journey entering the title race at next month’s Bears, Bikers and Mayhem event, my first ever! So, over the next few weeks, I will be sharing my thoughts in a series of articles as I enter, compete and reflect on the journey, whatever the outcome!

Superheroes – that is how my best mentors in the Fetish and Kink Community are best described. This year, I began the journey to become a Mr. Mayhem Leather title holder…to become swift justice embodied! 

Onyx Fire showed me how to balance my social schedule and rest, Joshua showed me that I could use a seam ripper for tactile play, and Eli Ra uses a whip to command silence from noise. Jack Thomson and Velvet Storm blessed Mufasa’s Pride Weekend with grace as they took the Leatherman & Leatherwoman of Color sashes. I served as a judge when Johnny Benjamin & Oshun Onyx burned bright as Mr. & Ms. World Bear.

These memorable moments empower me to dare further and Mr. Mayhem Leather is a legacy I would like to continue. I’m excited, but I’ve never been here before. I trust the community will embrace me with open arms because Mr. Mayhem Leather is said to embody acceptance and inclusion. I’ve been participating in that work for a few years now, through joining the men of Onyx, Inc. We educate brothers and sisters from around the country and empower them throughout their journeys of exploration.

The application for Mr. Mayhem asked for a brief history of my community involvement, hobbies and interests, affiliations and club memberships. I shared my personal legend, how I came to know the superheroes in my circle, and how I use my powers of breath play and tactile impact throughout the community.

From the conversations I’ve had with Jack, Velvet, Johnny, Oshun and other titleholders, there is no perfect formula to win a leather title. There is only being true to yourself, and finding the best language to convey that to the judges.

The panel is comprised of well-established leaders from the community – seasoned ladies and gentlemen who have found their language and shown the world how they can be a beacon of hope.

I’m not sure what I should expect if anything. As much positivity as I’ve seen these events foster, I’ve also seen those with the wrong attitude, abuse the power they earn. History says that the most humble and driven participants are rewarded for their kindness.

This competition boasts a $1,000 travel fund and a free pass to the following year’s festivities. But further, the winner is responsible for fundraising and supporting a community.

Personally, I was inspired to pursue the title of Mr. Mayhem after talking with the contestants of World Bear. Each of them had skills, talent, and struggles, like me. What made them heroes was their willingness to share their struggle with the world and take responsibility for their own journey.

While I am familiar with some notoriety from my time as a musician and actor on Where The Bears Are, those accomplishments show I’m capable of corralling a crowd. Mr. Mayhem will be responsible for leading one. So, my plan is to be myself and embrace the humility that my superheroes share. Hopefully, I can continue my leather journey through their footsteps and beyond.

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  • Wishing you all the best as you embark on this step of your journey. It will be memorable I can guarantee you. Love you much, Scorpius Renegade, Mr Maryland Leather, 2019 ❤️

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