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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre video game reveals its cast of victims

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre video game looks like it’s going to be one hell of a gorefest, and now due to a blog post from Gun Interactive, we now know what our new, playable meat bags will look like on release.

But don’t just think that these characters are there to be killed and ripped apart by the infamous Slaughter Family. The developers at Gun Interactive have examined how they are looking to tell stories about these characters in a way that’s authentic and powerful – even when these characters are being chased by cannibalistic murderers.

Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, which will reward players who take control of them with different strategies and techniques to make each game you play different from the last. However, what binds them together is their search mission to find Maria Flores – a young woman who went missing. It’s Maria who is the spark that drives the group of friends into action, and into the devious arms of the Slaughter family.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Victims Cast
Texas Chainsaw Massacre game
Left to right: Julie, Sonny, Ana, Leland, and Connie
  • Julie – Julie is described as the the walking stereotype of being a Southern California native – she likes sports, beaches and to surf. However will her physical abilities and different type of toughness be enough to help her escape from The Slaughter Family?
  • Sonny – Sonny is what you’d call the ‘smart guy’, which more than makes up his smaller frame. He is the best student out of the group, and often makes intelligent choices. However, Sonny isn’t just book smart, he is also quick on his feet and is able to make the smartest choice in record time.
  • Ana – Ana is Maria’s little sister, and it’s her who turned to Maria’s friends in order to help locate her sister. Both she and Maria have spent the majority of their life taking care of their mother, while also trying to pursue their own future. With Maria missing however and the law enforcement being useless, Ana has taken finding her sister into her own hands. She’s strong, determined and has an unmatchable willpower.
  • Leland – Leland is easily the strongest out of the group thanks to his previous involvement in wrestling, earning himself the reputation of a tough guy. Still, he isn’t a match for the cannibalistic Slaughter Family, and therefore he’ll have to rely on the wits of his friends to help guide his strength into something that’ll benefit their escape.
  • Connie – Coming from life on a farm, Connie has never been one to turn her nose up at hard work. Described as “not quite what you’d imagine a tomboy to be,” Connie’s strength lies in her ability to be crafty and tinker with things that others would have no clue how to use to their advantage, making her skills valuable to the group.

“When we sat down to think about the Victims in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, we had two things we kept circling back to – will people enjoy playing these characters as people, and do these characters make sense as a group that would be friends? The first question is really important; you’ve got to give them enough personality for players to latch on to while leaving room for them to identify with and inhabit these individuals. It means we dove as deep into thinking about them as we did the new Family members. The second answer is helped along by the first. We wanted a diverse group of friends that would – surface level – strongly correlate to differing playstyles.” Ismael Vicens, executive producer of Gun Interactive said. “Thinking about those relationships (Who is better friends with who? Why are these two friends?) helped us to create a group that feels natural together, even if they’re very different from one another.”

While they are labeled as The Victims by Gun Interactive, it’s clear to see that all 5 characters have a range of strengths and weaknesses that shine through their personalities. Will it be enough to escape from The Slaughter Family? Only time will tell when a release date for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre video game is revealed.

This article was originally published on our sister site, Gayming Magazine. It was written by Aimee Hart.

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