The Swanson Inn: Welcome to your Vermont Country Home!

Many of us wish we had a country home; it’s a great fantasy! But staying at the Swanson Inn is a reality. Rick and Tim, your hosts, look after you like their very own house guests. You can be at the country home of your dreams without lifting finger.

The recently renamed Swanson Inn continues a seventy-year tradition of hosting visitors to the Mad River Valley in central Vermont. Starting in 1948, Henry and Ginny Perkins opened a ski lodge the same year Mad River Glen ski area opened its doors just up the road. The Perkins became a fixture for welcoming skiers to Vermont. In 1979, Thom and Joan Gorman took over operations of the then Millbrook Inn. 

Under their 40 year ownership, the Millbrook Inn became well known for its restaurant and hospitality offered all four seasons of the year. Rick Swanson and Tim Heath-Swanson purchased the Millbrook Inn in 2018 and renamed it the Swanson Inn of Vermont, returning the name of the Inn to its owners and honoring Thom and Joan with the renamed Gorman Room.

Your stay at The Swanson Inn includes a full, hearty country breakfast, including daily muffins, a fruit salad or yogurt, and main course. Tea, coffee, and juice are also on the menu. Cookies with tea or coffee are available in the afternoon. Wine, beer, or hard cider are also available for purchase.

If you are still around on Sunday, make sure you stay for Sunday Pie too!

Let Rick and Tim know when you’re coming to stay at your new country home:


Richard Jones

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