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The men of ONYX Mid-Atlantic invite you to ‘An ONYX Table Talk’

On Saturday, November 14, 2020, from 4pm – 6:15pm EST, you are invited to join the Men of ONYX Mid-Atlantic as they conclude their series, An ONYX Table Talk!  

In this final segment, the men of ONYX Mid-Atlantic will specifically discuss solutions and remedies to what they’re calling The“ISM” Effect. They will look into what needs to be done to combat colorism, body shaming, identity/expressionism, the “othering” of people of color BY people of color, and the role religion/spirituality has played on sexuality in its radical forms of expression.

Joining them for this final chat will be ONYX and ONYX Pearl members Mx. Symphonee (Ms. DC Eagle 2020), Legionnaire, Pup Yoshi, Mufasa Ali and Golden Eagle (Iah Julai). Lynx ONYX will serve as facilitator, closing out the conversation. 

We look forward to an intense conversation that provides solutions to an internal dialogue we are having within the Leather Community. 

To join and follow along, visit

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