The hosts go in about various topics on this week’s ‘Bear With Us, Gurrrl!’

Our favorite beary duo goes IN on ALLLL the hot topics you can think of this week. Hosted by fabulous on-air personality Alexander Rodriguez and sexy JustFor.Fans favorite Teddy Bear, Bear with Us, Gurrrl! is a podcast where the Bears discuss it ALL — everything happening in the LGBTQ community and beyond, from the bear perspective! Presented by and Bear World Magazine, this podcast is not to be missed! 

On this episode of Bear with Us, Gurrrl…Teddy Bear and Alexander chat with three-time Emmy Award winner, Glen Alen about his journey from being a young painter, to working with Regis, to becoming an in-demand makeup artist. We also talk about his drag performances and celebrity impersonations. Things get candid as Glen talks about life in the LGBTQ and entertainment community as a sober man, his coming out, and what he’s learned from the business. And we get to the important stuff…like where he keeps his Emmys. We talk about it all!

Also, how much of a diva can you be for working a gig? Is Teddy becoming an extrovert? Should we automatically like gay content just because it’s out there? Will we be watching And Just Like That Season 2? Should Kim Cattrall just come back to Sex in the City already? Has Teddy seen Fire Island or the Queer as Folk reboot? Are Latinos being represented with the rest of the racial diversity push in porn? If you know your best friend’s boyfriend is cheating on them, should you get involved? Join in the chat and let us know your take! Presented by Bear World Magazine and Check out everything Bear with Us at

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