The Holidays 2018: Sexy Gifts from Mistr Bear

Mistr Bear is one of the coolest new stores to open. They have a great selection of kinky clothing and sizes to cater to the bears! Here’s a selection of items we are adding to our gift list for Santa Bear!

As always, click the title or the picture to shop that item. 

Neoprene Armbands

The armbands look great and partner really well with Mistr Bear’s neoprene jock and harness for full neoprene fantasy! Available in a range of colors to flag your interest! 


Bamboo Plaid Tank

We love plaid, I mean that’s no secret, but this plaid vest/tank is so cool and goes up to XXXL


Leather Bow Tie

If you need to go to a formal event and want to stay true to your kinky self, try a leather bow tie! 

C$44.95 /US$34.26

Neoprene Jock

Mistr Bear’s Neoprene Jock looks so hot on this handsome bear – available in black or red and in sizes up to XXL


Neoprene Harness

Complete the neoprene  look with this Neoprene Harness with 3 lobster claw clip, seen here with Leather Jock and Neoprene Cuffs.


Jeans and Leather Shirt 

Complete your look with this really sexy leather and jean shirt. Great to go over your harness for a reveal later in the night! Available in sizes up to 3XL. 


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