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The Gayming Magazine GOG Collection is LIVE!

On Monday, the Gayming Magazine GOG Collection went live. The collection is a curated selection of queer games from across genres and developers. Several of the titles in the collection are also currently on sale for up to 75% off.

“Check out a selection of Gayming Magazine’s favourite LGBTQ+ games from throughout the years. Expect old-time classics and exciting new indies from a range of different genres!”

Games featured in the Gayming Magazine GOG Collection

There are 20 recommended games included in the Gayming Magazine GOG Collection, and all include LGBTQ+ themes, characters, and more. These titles vary across release dates and genres, from dating sims, to murder mysteries, to traditional CRPGS. These games have a variety of queer themes as well. Some allow players to romance NPCs, while others were created by LGBTQ+ game developers.

  • Monster Prom (69% off … nice)
  • Murder by Numbers (60% off)
  • The House in Fata Morgana (50% off)
  • 2064: Read Only Memories
  • Undertale
  • Gone Home (67% off)
  • Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition (75% off)
  • Divinity Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition (60% off)
  • Stardew Valley
  • Sword of the Necromancer (60% off)
  • UNSIGHTED (30% off)
  • Ikenfell (50% off)
  • Milky Way Prince – The Vampire Star (55% off)
  • Disco Elysium – The Final Cut (65% off)
  • Life is Strange: Complete Season
  • Haven (50% off)
  • Ambition: A Minuet in Power (20% off)
  • Coffee Talk (33% off)
  • No Longer Home (50% off)
  • The Outer Worlds (67% off)

Games on GOG are DRM free and have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This article was originally published on our sister site, Gayming Magazine.

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