The BearGarden Party is bringing the bears to Pasadena

The BearGarden Party in Pasadena prepares to celebrate Pride…with tea!

Los Angeles bears, for the most part, tend to gather in Downtown or the Silver Lake areas of the city, but nowadays our furry brethren are beginning to congregate in Pasadena, thanks to the efforts of an enterprising, bear-loving local and The Boulevard.

The Boulevard happens to be Pasadena’s only gay bar, but it has been around for over 40 years and is a beloved LGBTQIA+ institution. With weekly events such as karaoke, drag show Fridays, and open mic Tues-Gays, there’s always something happening. It’s a small space, but full of personality. It’s served as a safe space for the gay community for decades and is now welcoming a new gay demographic – namely, bears.  

This year, Emilio Rodriguez helped launch a new offering for The Boulevard called The BearGarden Party. Inspired by a German “Biergarten” and the bearishly handsome men of Pasadena, the BearGarden Party is a body positive space, highlighting our community, a group that we know is all too often overlooked in the gay and mainstream media.

The event celebrates Bears and the overall aesthetic is meant to be like a gay Cheers. It’s a place where you can find a date, make dinner plans with new friends, or just kick back, drink a cold one and listen to some great music while cruising the hot guys.

Taking place every Sunday afternoon from 3 – 8 pm, The BearGarden is a relatively new party, but it’s already picking up steam! The event has even had a German couple make a trip to Pasadena during their American Disney vacation just to attend based on word of mouth alone.

Given their continued growth and success, on Sunday, June 25, the BearGarden Party is expanding by putting on a Pride “Tea Dance”. The event will feature music, dancing, and drinks. There will be live drag performances and a DJ mixing tunes throughout the afternoon and evening. Hosted in the style of a cookout, the event is free to attend but donations are being collected to benefit the Trevor Project.

For more information on The BearGarden Party follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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