The Bear World Podcast Welcomes Bear Wellness Coach, Jon Fischer!

Hey, all you Bears, there’s a new episode of the Bear World Podcast out today! Every episode, the show will feature some beary important guests who will join your host, Kyle, to discuss some important, hilarious or trending topics in the Bear community. In this episode of the Bear World Podcast, we welcome creator of Pawed, a Bear wellness group, Jon Fischer… AKA Coach Cub!

Coach Cub joins Kyle to discuss Pawed’s online Bear Yoga and Meditation success since the start of the pandemic, and how isolation and uncertainty has intensified feelings of loneliness, anxiety and depression in the Bear community and beyond. They also discuss the upcoming election and how this has also exacerbated many of these feelings, as well as some wellness techniques and strategies that may help during these extremely difficult times.

Kyle is also joined by Bear World Magazine’s beard and hair care expert Shane Michael of Bear Essential Hair for a segment where they discuss what vitamins and minerals assist with healthy hair growth! Remember Bears: Lots of nuts and protein!

Shane Michael Duncan. Photo by Glenn Hudson

Listen to the episode on the player below! You can also listen to the Bear World Podcast on SpotifyApple Podcasts, or wherever good podcasts can be found!

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