The Art of Ivan Buck

Ivan Buck is a relatively new artist living in Omaha, Nebraska who expresses his love for bears through art. Get to know him below.

BWM: Tell us a bit about your background and how you started creating art?

Ivan Buck (IB): Hi, guys, my name is Ivan Lakhov Buck. I’m 39 years old and I play hockey. Originally, I’m from Kazakhstan, but now I live in Omaha, Nebraska. I moved to the U.S. 9 years ago. I’ve liked to draw since I was a little boy, but then life happened, and I didn’t draw a lot, just doodling sometimes. But I always kept my dream to be an artist.

Artist Ivan Buck

BWM: What is it about bears that makes you want to incorporate them into your art?

IB: I like incorporating bears in my art because I think they are the most beautiful people. They look very cozy and soft, kind and adorable. They are incredible cuddlers and kissers, and I just love them. They inspire me a lot.

BWM: What drew you to the bear community and what keeps you there?

IB: I guess, daddy issues. I saw my dad only once in my life, and what I remember about him was that he was a big guy with a big belly. And then, I had my first oral sex with my best friend, and he was chubby. That’s probably why I love bears and found the bear community.

BWM: Are you professionally trained or self-taught?

IB: In December, I graduated from the University of Nebraska. My major was Studio Art. Previously I also graduated from Metro College as an illustrator. However, because English is my second language, I was kind of struggling with some of my classes, which didn’t help me concentrate as much as I’d have liked to on my artwork. I’m still growing as an artist and probably will be until the end of my career.

BWM: What inspires you art?

IB: I get my inspiration from my bear friends, my friends on Instagram, Twitter, xxx videos, etc. My dream is to attend my first bear event and do live drawing sketches on the side. I’ve decided that I want to involve more bears in my art. That’s why I’m learning anatomy better and working on my style. I want it to fall somewhere between realism and a cartoonish style.

BWM: Where can we find you online?

IB: I have an Instagram profile @ivanbuck9 and a Patreon I am trying to get off the ground.  

BWM: What big projects are you working on now?

IB: I want to make one or two xxx calendars for 2025, maybe three. One of them will be of professional chubby bears half naked and one with bulky superheroes. I also want to work on a comic about hockey bears also do some commission work.

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