Switched App is Here to Match Kinksters Worldwide

Switched App is here to match you with kink enthusiasts the world over.

As we all know the internet and more specifically the ‘apps’ have changed the way we date and socialize in the modern world. And with as prevalent as kinks are in the queer and bear populace, you’d think there would be more app options to aid us in finding our tribe. Well, Switched App is here to help.

While Switched can obviously be used for finding a date or a hookup, it is also designed to find community. In essence it layers a timeline similar to Twitter on top of a visual experience like Instagram, with never-before-seen matchmaking profile capabilities in order to link you with like-minded kinky individuals. Edward Yanez, one of the app’s creators explains:

“What makes Switched unique is our kink profile and approach to matchmaking. Users can select and showcase their interests (kinks), no matter whether they are on the giving or receiving end of the scale, or both, and use it to match with others. No other app gives users such powerful ability to make their profiles a true representation of themselves. This contrasts with an Active to Passive scale that fails to capture the nuances of what everyone is into. For example, one can be a bondage top who is an anal bottom, but this doesn’t fit in a single scale from Active to Passive. The Switched Core also gives users an opportunity to visually represent things that they love, and others that they would like to try. It’s a great way to establish consent and get the conversation started. Switched also borrows elements from other social networks such as a timeline, a discover feature, and daily matches.”

The app was created during the COVID shutdowns when the developers had lots of spare time to work on it. It was created out of the need for a new and modern space for kinksters to socialize and meet people with shared interests. It took the team two and a half years of work before being able to launch the app in April of 2023. In fact, they developed three versions of the app before perfecting it and had to start from scratch each time it failed. Since its launch, the dedicated team of two developers have remained committed to making Switched a success, implementing a variety of bug fixes, improvements and new features over the last year.

And while the app is used primarily by gay men, it is open for all kinksters to enjoy. Diversity and Inclusion are a part of the app’s core values. All gender identities and sexualities are welcome on Switched, however some language and terminology might not seem relevant to all users, at least for the time being (e.g. “Daddy/son” for, say, a lesbian woman). As the app and the team grows and expands, the hope is to universalize the language and features.

Currently Switched is available in 5 regions and 71 countries via Google Play and the Apple App stores with possible further expansion in the future.

So what are you waiting for sub?! Download Switched now and find the dom of your dreams, or nightmares…whatever floats your boat!

Download Switched now in the Google Play store or in the Apple App store.

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