Supernatural Stars DJ Qualls and Ty Olsson Announce Engagement

Geeky bears know that the convention scene is where it’s at to meet fellow furry nerds united in their obsession of all things fantastical. It appears the same holds true for  the stars of those conventions as the adorable DJ Qualls announced his engagement to fellow Supernatural actor (and rugged daddy bear) Ty Olsson on his podcast Locked and Probably Loaded which he cohosts with Kelly Blackheart.

The pair met at a Supernatural fan convention over ten years ago where they initially did not interact much, but obviously their meeting stirred something in Olsson who essentially invited himself on Qualls’ preplanned trip to Turkey soon thereafter. Qualls recalls admiring the ‘ballsy’ move and agreed to Olsson’s somewhat presumptuous request. The two hit it off during the trip and became inseparable since then, first as friends, and then as a couple.

“It’s just so crazy that this person who was just my friend, now I think about all the time” Qualls shared on the podcast. “He sends the best messages, and he supports me and loves me unconditionally in the right ways….Now we are going to be old men together, which is crazy. He’s the best!”


It’s true! Garth and Benny are gonna grow old together as werepires. Check out the latest ep of Locked & Probably Loaded for DJ’s love letter to Supernatural! Video and bonus content available on Patreon! @DJ Qualls @kelly blackheart #supernatural #spn #spnfandom #spnfamily #loadedpod #garth #benny #djqualls #tyolsson

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The two never shared screentime on Supernatural, though both played fan-favorite characters. Qualls played Garth, a werewolf who aided the demon hunting Winchester brothers on several occasions while Olsson played Benny the vampire who started as a villain but had a redemptive arc that ended with him sacrificing himself to save Sam Winchester.

Both character actors have had fruitful careers appearing in dozens of films and television shows a piece. Qualls appeared in the films Roadrip and The New Guy before becoming a series regular on shows like Legit, Z Nation and The Man in the High Castle (where his character was also gay). Olsson appeared in films like Lake Placid, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and last year’s instant horror classic Thanksgiving while simultaneously doing a variety of voicework and having recurring roles in shows like The Man in the High Castle and Slasher: Guilty Party. (Fun fact: the two both appear in a season three episode of The Man in the High Castle entitled “The New Colossus”.)

With respect to their personal lives, Qualls has been out since 2020, coming out on stage at a Jim Jeffries (standup) show. Olsson, on the other hand, was married to Leanna Nash until 2012 and has two daughters. This announcement serves as his official coming out. And though he hasn’t spoken specifically about it he took to X on May 16th , the day after the news broke, to thank everyone for their love and support and kindness.

We wish the happy couple all the best!

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