StanChris Releases Hot New Hyperpop Video Proclaiming His Love For Bears

Social media sensation and bonafide bear lover StanChris has released a sexy new video for his song entitled “Chase” and we have all the details!

Last time we caught up with StanChris, he and his boyfriend, Survivor alum Bret LaBelle, were filling us in on Stan’s rise to internet fame and the ins and out of their relationship, which has been the source of some controversy given their 27-year age difference. Since then, StanChris has been plenty busy with creating content, often in the form of travel vlogs and videos of him catching his followers up on what’s been going on in his world.  There haven’t been as many of his man on the street interviews where he asks random strangers questions about GAY™ things as of late, but we’ll forgive that in light of the horrendous winter we are seeing in the northeast US this year, and the fact that he just dropped a scorching hot new music video celebrating his love for us bears!

If you’re one of over a million people who follow StanChris across his social media platforms, then you are well aware that he LOVES bears and is not shy about it. Well, now he’s committed his love for the big and burly to song and dropped visuals to further prove it.

In the song “Chase” Stan sings:

“He’s so cute I can’t stop,

He makes me really wanna top..

..normally I’d probably wait

but bears are ones I wanna chase”

And those are just the PG lyrics. He goes more into the nitty gritty of sucking c*ck and hot h*les and the like throughout the rest of the song which is sung on top of a throbbing hyperpop beat.

“Honestly I just wanted to make a hyperpop/slutpop/dancepop song,” StanChris told us, and the lyrics about bears sort of just came to me. I like to write about what I know, and what’s true to me–hence ‘bears I wanna chase’”.

The video, directed by Una Smoole, features Stan taking a trippy ride through space when his ‘Daddy Alert’ monitor goes off informing him of a junk yard/ mechanic shop filled with juicy looking bears at work. Understandably he veers off to check things out and the bears strip down to booty shorts for a dance break while he hones in on his main target, played by his boyfriend Brett. Shenanigans happen, StanChris ends up on the hood of a car in a leopard speedo (WOOF!) and a bear rave ensues.

“The video concept had some of my ideas, but a lot were from the director. She listened to the song and had a vision that went really well with the lyrics and also aligned with my vision, so we rolled with it. My favorite idea of hers was me getting railed in the car!”

The song also features the talents of asteria who in addition to mixing and mastering the song also contributed a verse. asteria is steadily becoming a major force in the hyperpop scene and has over a million monthly listeners on Spotify. 

Check out the video below:

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