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Springtime Beard Care: Transition your winter beard care routine to spring!

No matter where you live, winter and spring are marked by some sort of change in temperature, weather, and lifestyle. The way we dress changes, as well as how we essentially care for our hair. Now could be a great time to flip your beard and skin care script, so I’ve researched some tips!

Prepare to Rejuvenate

This is the time to recover from the damage winter has caused to your skin and hair. The colder the weather, the more damage, and build-up you’ve probably been facing.

Take a look at your beard to assess the texture and condition. Is it a little brittle? Maybe it’s got split ends and has become a bit unwieldy. Is your skin dry? Maybe there’s a bit of “Chindruff” flaking onto your shirt? Choose a few problem areas and tackle them one at a time.

Visit Your Barber/Stylist

With the year we’ve just come through, it’s time to get reacquainted with your barber/stylist. Return to you regular visits. Have your split ends clipped, and have your beard trimmed and reshaped to compliment your face shape.

Consider a new hairstyle or style in your sideburns, and beard. Refocus on strengthening and thickening your hair follicles.

Check Your Tools

A fine-toothed comb may be all you need, but this is the time to take a close look. Is it missing a few teeth and is bent from sitting in your back pocket?

Try a wooden comb. It’s stronger, and you won’t get any static build-up that can make facial fur harder to manage. Some even make flat combs that will fit in your wallet. You can also choose a flat brush to soften and maintain longer beards.

A wooden handle with boar’s hair is one of the best tools you can keep in your toiletry bag. If you’re one of those guys with a natural wave or curly hair that you like to straighten, check your blow dryer. There are always smaller, easier-to-handle blow-dryers hitting the market.

Moisturizers, Balms and Oils

Dry skin can be caused by several different factors. Overly exfoliating and using the improper washes, conditioners, and cleansers could be the culprit.

A weekly hot oil treatment may help combat those issues. Using a great wash or cream, like the ones from Bear Essential Hair, and oil products, coming soon from Bear Essential Hair), will surely assist with grooming your beard while locking in moisture.

Everyone faces seasonal changes, whether it’s from life events or just the temperature outside. Remain adaptable to both by being flexible in your beard care routine and by making seasonal adjustments to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your face fantastic and your most wilderness worthy beard tamed.

And as always… Be bold, be bearded, and be YOU!

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Shane Michael

Shane Michael, from Delaware county PA, is the youngest of three sons, and a twin. He has worked for over 20 years in retail management, and 2008 decided to follow his bliss and head to cosmetology school, receiving award in Salon Business, Productivity, & Leadership. Though his work in salons and membership of the bear community, he began to search for a beard line that could be used by men of all ethnic backgrounds and beard textures. Not finding one that he felt was quite right he decided to create his own and Bear Essential was born.