Singer Teddy Swims has released new music and is now on tour!

If you’re not sure who Teddy Swims is, then where have you been?

Though we’re not sure if he actually claims the Bear community (or even identifies as LGBTQ), he definitely has a HUGE Bear following. Why wouldn’t he? He’s big, he’s bearded and… Do you hear that soulful, gruff voice?

The Georgia-born singer-songwriter got his start on YouTube doing covers. He has since amassed millions of followers, subscribers and views with his covers and original songs, and secured a deal with Warner Records. Recently, he released a single entitled “dose” from his recent EP and tour, Tough Love. The Tough Love tour will see the beary crooner touring numerous cities across North America and Europe until June. Check the dates to see if Teddy will be visiting (or already visited) your city!

Teddy Swims tour

And if him being a beary crooner with a name like Teddy isn’t enough, have you seen his merch site? You can’t go wrong with a cute plush Teddy or a nice Teddy t-shirt. His name is Teddy and he has a whole bunch of Teddy Bear merch… Are we sure he isn’t really a Bear? Or maybe he just knows who a large portion of his audience is…

Either way, you should go check out more about Teddy Swims by visiting his website and streaming his music on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services.

Follow Teddy Swims on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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