Singer-songwriter Kyle Motsinger releases his most personal song, ‘You’re Missing Out’

Singer-songwriter Kyle Motsinger has released his new single, which he calls “my most raw and personal song.” 

Kyle Motsinger’s “You’re Missing Out” is a beautifully written tribute to emotional vulnerability, which he has released accompanied by a lyric video. The lyric video is perfect for this song, allowing you to really take in the words as Kyle takes you on an emotional journey through feelings of despair and abandonment. 

“Mainly, I think it speaks for itself in terms of what it’s about,” says Kyle. “I wrote it and recorded it over a year ago, and was afraid to release it because of how emotional it is.”

Photo by Sean Salamon

Being emotionally vulnerable is not always easy, even for artists, but Kyle shows us that letting go of the fear of vulnerability is integral to moving forward. 

“Late one night, a few weeks ago, I listened to it again and realized I needed to let go of my fear about it,” says Kyle. “I needed to release it in order to move forward.”

When asked why he wanted to release this particular song now, Kyle also stated that he feels it’s important to know that “gay artists don’t just write club bangers.” “I did very little to finish it,” he says. “It’s a little rough around the edges, but so am I. I hope others who are going through similar situations can find comfort in knowing they are not alone.” 

Watch the lyric video for “You’re Missing Out” below! 

“You’re Missing Out” is also available on Spotify, iTunes and all other music platforms!

To find out more, visit kylemotsinger.com and follow Kyle Motsinger on Facebook and Instagram!

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