Singer-songwriter Homer Marrs serves us two new tracks for Pride season!

Talented Bear music artist Homer Marrs has been busy lately!

The singer-songwriter has recently released a new single entitled “Sistinas”, and a remix of last year’s hit single “Happy Pride From the End of the World.” He sat down with us for a quick chat about his new music and what we can expect from him next!

Kyle Jackson: So, what inspired you to create this new music?

Homer Marrs: Well, in quarantine I did a series of covers on my YouTube page that led me to taking the best one into the studio to commemorate the isolation of the shutdown. Music is one way I was able to stay connected to other people in that bleak time, and I tried to find beauty and meaning in the awful solitude. 

The song from that covers series that I felt most encapsulated what I was feeling was a forgotten heavy metal ballad by Danzig called “Sistinas.”

KJ: Can you tell us a bit about “Sistinas”? 

HM: “Sistinas”, to me, is a rare glimpse at the softer side of Sears for Danzig, a hyper-masculine artist whose diverse songwriting talent was overshadowed by his strong and quasi-villainous perona. But being able to bring your favorite songs to new listeners and present them in a different light is one of the best things about making music, in my honest opinion. I did my best to make the song my own and present it in a very naked, vulnerable way. 

“Sistinas” is currently #13 on the AltQ Radio Top 20.

KJ: You’re also releasing a remix to a song you released last year during Pride season called“Happy Pride From the End of the World”. Can you tell us about that?

HM: Well, since the sun is in Gemini, it only makes sense for me to release a second, wholly different tune at the same time. 

A remixer named QUBIQ, who spins at Phoenix leather bar Anvil, took my folksy political ditty from last year, “Happy Pride…”, which went to #1 on the AltQ Radio queer music charts last year, and made three really fun, uptempo remixes designed to fill the dance floors this Pride season. I’m partial to the dub mix, but maybe that’s ’cause it has the least vocals so I don’t have to scrutinize the sound of my voice when I hear it.

I had worked with QUBIQ before when he did a remix of my rock track “It’s Amazing” a few years ago. I’m a big fan of his work and I really think he took a simple song (“Happy Pride…”) and elevated it to a place where it can appeal to a larger audience. Which is a fancy way of saying… “The kids are gonna love this!” 

KJ: So, what’s next for you after this?

HM: I just shot a music video for an upcoming heartfelt tune called “Ben.” It will be out likely next month, and I can’t wait to share it with you. 

Precinct DTLA was kind enough to let me film it there, reminding me that our gay bars are more than just watering holes, but cultural centers and places for indie artists to hone their craft and have their voices be heard. I think the shutdown helped many in the community realize that.

“Sistinas” and “Happy Pride from the End of the World [QUBIQ Dance Mix]” are both available on all music platforms!

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Kyle Jackson

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