Silverhook and Tareq join forces in ‘Slow Motion’ on Royal Advisor Records!

Today, New York-based label Royal Advisor Records has released “Slow Motion”, the fierce outcome of a collaboration between London-based DJ Silverhook and Greek-Jordanian artist Tareq.

Co-written by Silverhook and Tareq, “Slow Motion” sits comfortably on the boundaries between dance music and unashamed electropop. It creates a juxtaposition between a heavy sequencer bass line, powerful kick drum, industrial accents, and a pop structure with an uplifting arrangement that navigates the lustful lyrics, priming this track to thrive both on the dance floor and the radio.

‘Slow Motion’ is another example of two artists completely understanding each other’s vision; a brooding and uplifting slab of electronica coupled with one of the most passionate and distinctive vocals in dance music right now.” — Phil Marriott, philmarriott.net

Check out “Slow Motion” on Spotify and on YouTube below!

BWM Staff

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