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Serve something beary hot this summer with a grill set from Bearfare

Summer grilling is getting a little more WOOFY with Bearfare!

Earlier this month, we told you all about Bearfare, a small-batch woodworking studio located in Denver, Colorado, offers a variety of bear-inspired home goods aimed at making it a joy to prepare meals and serve guests. Bearfare has a large selection of serving trays, charcuterie boards and cheese boards available in over a dozen styles. And they also offer other kitchen-related accessories and gear, including grilling utensils. 

What better way to cook and serve up something hot for a group of your Bear friends at a sunny backyard cookout than with products made with Bears in mind from ethically-sourced materials? After all, you’ll need something to poke and flip your meat, so you should definitely take a look at what Bearfare has to offer. 

Bearfare maintains a practice of solely procuring materials and supplies stateside with a focus on high-quality, ethically-sourced lumber. While their initial product lines were deliberately planned for months, this latest release developed organically through the company’s core sustainability beliefs. 

“Fundamentally, wood is our medium. I can’t stomach throwing away any materials left over from our fabrication process. For months the piles of waste just kept growing. We had to come up with a creative way to make use of it,’ said Ray Villares, Bearfare founder. “Then the solution presented itself.”

Bearfare founder, Ray Villares

So, before you throw that meat on the grill this summer, consider shopping for a new grill set from Bearfare. And once you’re done grilling up something tasty, you’re going to need something to serve it on. So take a look at their awesome serving trays as well. 

“These serving trays are my favorite product so far. Like all our products, they are both beautiful and well-crafted but additionally can be used in so many ways. The early success we are seeing is encouraging us to explore what else we could make,’ commented Ray.

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Kyle Jackson

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