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Seattle doctor releases episode 3 of informative Trans docuseries detailing top surgery

Transgender patients are often underrepresented and ignored in the healthcare industry. However, patients seeking gender affirming surgery have found a welcoming environment at plastic surgery offices such as that of Dr. Javad Sajan. 

Dr. Sajan is one of the top plastic surgeons in the United States performing gender affirming surgeries. Dr. Sajan’s documentary series features the real stories and journeys of transgender patients as they undergo gender affirming surgeries. All episodes can be watched on Dr. Sajan’s documentary series recently released its episode, “This Is My Voice.”

Dr. Javad Sajan

The first episode of the docuseries focused on a patient named Blake who undergoes gender affirming FTM top surgery with Dr. Sajan. The third episode follows the top surgery journey of a patient named Kai. Kai traveled all the way from Georgia to undergo surgery with Dr. Sajan. He has documented much of his journey such as how his voice changed after starting hormone therapy. Top surgery will change Kai’s life and he always felt like he did not want to just accept the femininity his body presented.

In his episode, Kai discusses his earliest experiences with gender dysphoria, showing how long he has truly waited for top surgery, he says, “I do remember the first time my mom told me that I had to buy a bra, and had to wear one, and being completely mortified and just upset. [I] didn’t want any part of it.”

Future episodes will follow other transgender patients as they undergo gender affirming surgery at Allure Esthetic. Each patient tells a unique story of discovering their identity, coming out, their discriminatory experiences, and their transitional journey. 

Stay tuned on the realdrseattle YouTube channel, Instagram, and to see the next episode as soon as it is published.

About Dr. Javad Sajan

Dr. Javad Sajan is a plastic surgeon and medical director at Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery. He performs several top surgeries every week and has extensive experience providing surgical gender affirming care. Along with top surgery, Dr. Sajan also provides other procedures such as facial feminization, tracheal shave, transgender body contouring, and transgender breast augmentation. Dr. Sajan serves transgender patients from around the world and aims to tell their stories through his documentary series.

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