Robin meets… Zach Noe Towers, host of OUT On Stage

New comedy TV show ‘OUT On Stage’ is available from today (January 17th) on LGBT streaming service Dekkoo. The show features an incredibly diverse line up and is hosted by the hilarious Zach Noe Towers.

Zach Noe Towers is an LA-based comedian, actor, and writer who was recently named one of Time Out Magazine’s “2018 Comedians to Watch.” Zach was recently the host of the “The Elite Daily Show” on Verizon’s Go90 network. His recent short film “Killer Friends” (which he directed, wrote, and starred in) was screened at many film festivals both domestically and internationally, and won the overall audience award at Dances With Films.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the trailer for OUT On Stage for a taster of what you can expect:

To celebrate the launch of the show, I had a chance to chat with Zach. 

Robin: What inspired you to get on board hosting OUT On Stage?

Zach: I was ecstatic that this project was going to come to life. A platform raising queer voices is long overdue. And there’s so much talent to be shared!

What did you enjoy the most about the experience of working with all these other amazing comedians?

Beyond OUT On Stage, I’ve had the privilege of working alongside a lot of these comedians for several years. Some of us have grown up together in the LA comedy scene, so sharing the stage with them during this project felt like a bit of a reward after spending so much time in the trenches.

Is LGBTQ comedy different to mainstream comedy?

Only in the sense that mainstream audiences may not be able to relate to the nitty gritty aspects of being in a minority group. I know in my experience I’ve had to almost “dumb down” the gay experience in order to get big laughs from mainstream audiences. I’m happy to find a common ground we can all have some fun on though!

The lineup of comedians is impressively diverse, why do you think it is important to show such diversity on screen?

Countless reasons here! Minority voices are often drowned out or overlooked. It’s so important that content like this exists and is available so that queer people all over the world may not feel so isolated. It also affects change. Hopefully other people will check out this series and learn a thing or two about our amazing community.

Why is this show important in the current political climate?

I mean this show is the first of its kind. That’s insane!! Comedy has always been dominated by straight white men so it’s refreshing to have these diverse voices lifted up.

When did you start in comedy?

Around 25 years old. I was frustrated with how hard it was to get into acting in LA and I had been raised and trained to perform on the stage. Stand-up comedy provided this instant satisfaction for performing and I was ecstatic to see how much control I had over my growth.

What made you choose comedy as a career path?

I’ve always loved making people laugh and I grew up doing live theatre. It’s almost embarrassing how long it took me to realize how perfect stand up was for me!

What are your goals for 2019? 

I want to get some film credits under my belt. I want to be on TV. I want to make MILLIONS of people laugh!

Where can our readers see you next?

I’m on a new show on the E! network called “Dating: #NoFilter” which premieres Jan 21st at 10.30 PST. Also, follow me on Twitter/Instagram – @ZachNoeTowers

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