Rapper and activist Killer Mike’s ‘Trigger Warning’ features gay scene that makes some uncomfortable

In his funny and provocative series, Trigger Warning, rapper and activist Killer Mike puts his revolutionary ideas about achieving social change into action.

In the series, Killer Mike — whose real name is Michael Render — examines cultural taboos and allows viewers to examine the “what ifs” and “why nots” that limit how people operate in the world. The show explores the human condition using nontraditional approaches, some of which not everyone will agree with. Killer Mike describes the show as “if an anarchist determined the status quo.”

One episode of Trigger Warning, entitled “Fuck School”, features a gay sex scene. In an interview for VladTV, DJ Vlad tells Killer Mike that he was not able to finish the episode, to which Killer Mike simply tells him, “You should watch it.” 

Killer Mike came under fire in 2016 for using the word “fag” in some of his earlier rap songs. He has since issued an apology stating:  

“Yrs ago I like a dumb Hetero guy said “fag”. Today I no longer use that stupid word. I am sorry to all my gay brothers and sisters…Today I know better and I do better. My fans know this already but that’s for all who my not have witnessed my growth. Love & respect. That’s how u say “I’m sorry” when u say dumb shit.  the black community awaits theirs…..As it is deserved also.” 


Killer Mike has since been an advocate for, not only Black lives, but also Black queer lives. In a recent Twitter post, he was asked his stance on LGBTQ rights, to which he simply replied, “I stand on the side of equal rights for all.”


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