Pet Shop Boys trio of new songs blast politicians, social media and the rich

Synth-pop legends, the Pet Shop Boys, are back with a bang with three new tracks released this week so far, with the forth being released tomorrow (Friday). Each song has a satirical take on hot world topics – rich people, the state of social media and political leadership in the age of Trump and Brexit. 

To make sure their point is heard loudly, the duo have shared special lyric videos on their YouTube channel for each track, so we can hear everything they have to say.

The songs all come from the duo’s new EP called ‘Agenda’. The four tracks will not be included on the Pet Shop Boys’ next album which is due for release in the autumn. A CD of “Agenda” is available to pre-order exclusively with Pet Shop Boys’ once-a-year publication “Annually”, which will be published on April 12th. Click here to find out more about pre-ordering “Annually” with “Agenda” CD.

Discussing the EP, Neil Tennant said: “It contains three satirical songs and one rather sad song. I think it’s because of the times we’re living through.”

Neil goes on to describe ‘Give Stupidity A Chance’ as “a satirical song about the poor quality of political leadership in the modern world.” The song also takes a shot at Trump’s shocking ‘Access Hollywood’ tape from 2005:

‘On Social Media’ is the duo’s take on the state of the internet in this social media age:

“What are we going to do about the rich?” is described by Neil as “a sort of mock-protest song”:

Keep your eye on the Pet Shop Boys’ YouTube channel to find out what their fourth and final song is tomorrow (Friday 7th Feb).

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