Out singer John Duff releases fierce video for new single ‘High Heels’

Out singer John Duff channels a bit of runway fierceness in his new music video released Friday! 

Poised to become the next gay pop star according to various outlets, John Duff is back with “High Heels”, the newest track from his highly-anticipated debut EP Homo•Sapien — and it is sure to absolutely slay!

“This is my most intricate and ambitious piece yet,” Duff says about recording “High Heels” and his Homo•Sapien EP. “This is real music; played by real musicians. I’ve learned so much about myself from working with so many pros. The main thing being: I’m a real musician.”

Speaking on what inspired the writing of “High Heels”, Duff says that he wrote it as an ode to a fierce young woman he saw a few years ago strutting her stuff in a pair of heels in a tube station in London at 9 am. 

“She was clearly still going from the night before,” Duff told Out Magazine. “We’ve all been that girl — if we’ve been so lucky. Shameless. I loved her, and I aspire to be that brazen in my personal satisfaction.”

Defiance and confidence will apparently be a running theme in Duff’s new EP, since he mentions that it is intended to be sort of an “F you” to the rules. 

Homo•Sapien is a collection of songs that I wrote without consideration of rules,” he says. “Because what are rules but a collectively imagined idea that we humans agree upon? This EP is everything I was told I shouldn’t do. It’s gay. It’s sexy. It’s honest. It’s a part of me.”

Well, we can’t wait to hear the rest of the EP! Until then, check out the fierce new video for “High Heels” below, and stream Homo•Sapien on Spotify and all other digital platforms!

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